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The impact of money in football has been profound in the last few decades. The clubs have become incredibly rich owing to a massive influx of funds through sponsorships, ticket sales, and merchandise income. The top clubs have become a fashion symbol in many walks of life and their popularity extends to all corners of the globe. It is not a surprise that the football rich list is actively calculated and followed by many across the world. The latest Deloitte’s Football Money League comes with a few changes compared to previous years. Here is a list of the top 10 richest football clubs in the world:

Juventus – (€397.9m)

juventus logoJuventus have witnessed a remarkable rise in the revenues the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. Despite having spent a large sum of money to acquire the 35-year-old, Juventus have been able to gain immediate benefits in terms of better commercial and merchandise incomes. There is expected to be further increase on this front and Juventus might just catch Chelsea in the ninth position next season.



Tottenham – (€445.7m)

Football's richest clubs: The top rankingsTottenham have just achieved their highest position in the football rich list. The club has done a remarkable achievement of overtaking Chelsea and Arsenal – two London rivals who have so far held the upper status in the list – for the first time in more than 2 decades. The improved commercial and broadcast revenue has been a major factor. The progression to the final of the Champions League has had a significant impact, which will help fuel more commercial growth in the coming seasons.



Chelsea – (€469.7m)

Chelsea manager oddsChelsea have dropped to 9th position in the standings after remaining in the eighth place for four consecutive seasons. Even though the club has not taken a hit in terms of revenues, Chelsea have fallen behind the likes of Liverpool and Tottenham due to the lack of success on the pitch. The commercial revenue continues to keep the club in the top 10 places, but Roman Abramovich needs more success out of his team to dominate the list once again.


Paris St Germain – (€540.6m)

PSG logoPSG were able to record impressive growth in their overall revenue figures not too long ago. However, the footballer rich list for this year sees PSG in the fifth position largely due to the significant drive in commercial revenues. In fact, PSG have the second highest commercial revenue among the top 10 football clubs. The club’s location in Paris has certainly helped take advantage of the fashion capital and the commercial revenue is expected to grow further following several new deals. PSG will be able to reach higher levels with more success in the Champions League.


Manchester City – (€549.2m)

man city champions leagueManchester City’s continued inability to make an impact in the Champions League coupled with reduced merchandise income has meant that the club has dropped one position from the previous football rich list. City have also been unable to make significant inroads with their transfer targets. As a result, the club finds itself in a spot of bother with a serious possibility of being overtaken by Liverpool, who have achieved a lot of success in recent years. One of the major positives for City will be the new kit deal with Puma.



Liverpool – (€558.6m)

liverpool FC champions leagueIn recent years, Liverpool have transformed into the powerhouse that many expected, with success in both the Champions League and a first Premier League title in 30 years. Last year, the club broke the £500 million barrier – thus becoming only the third English club to do so. The strong season in the Champions League has resulted in substantial increase in match day revenue, while broadcast revenue has also shown a similar uptrend. The sponsor bonuses have also climbed up significantly to contribute to the growing commercial revenue. The stadium expansion is expected to help even further with better match day revenues and Liverpool might just overtake Manchester City in terms of revenues next year.


Manchester United – (€580.4m)

Man United logoDespite continued struggles on the pitch, Manchester United have been able to maintain their status in the football rich list due to their return to Champions League action. The commercial and matchday revenues have been relatively stable for the last few years. However, the better performances from Premier League rivals like Liverpool and Manchester City could threaten United’s position in the top three. Many of the transfer purchases by United have failed to make an impact and this has also had a negative impact on the merchandise revenue.


Bayern Munich – (€634.1m)

Bayern MunichBayern Munich have been able to maintain their position in the top four of the football rich list thanks to better revenue from the domestic and European distributions. Even though there has been a slight decline in match day revenue, it has been offset due to better commercial revenues. The progression into the latter stages of the UEFA Champions League in recent years has helped Bayern Munich get more prominence in the merchandise sales department. The gap to Manchester United may have increased recently, but Bayern are expected to plug the gap with their continued success on the pitch.



Real Madrid – (€714.9m)

Football's richest clubs: The top rankingsReal Madrid have not had significant revenue growth of late. Despite massive successes with three Champions League titles in succession, Real Madrid have not been able to maintain their position as the most successful club on a commercial scale. The club, however, continues to have an army of followers on social media and they are the most popular by a big margin. The figures for the 2019-20 campaign are expected to be significantly better for the Los Blancos.




Barcelona – (€715.1m)

Football's richest clubs: The top rankingsBarcelona might be going through a troubled period on the pitch, but they have been able to sustain their position at the top of the football rich list with revenues of more than €700 million. Despite failing to win the league title in the 2019-20 campaign, the changes made to the commercial and marketing strategies have helped the Catalan outfit top the list.

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