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“Football is a game of patterns and mathematics is really the science of it.

“If you want to understand football better, you want to look at the patterns, you want to look at the passing triangles created on the field, you want to look at the randomness in the game, you want to look at where players are moving and mathematics is a perfect language to explain how those things work.”

Those are the words of David Sumpter, the man behind Soccermatics, and in conjunction with him and Twelve, we’ll soon be launching an automatic player evaluation system which we are currently developing.

Matt Lorenzo has sat down with him for a special edition of Football Whispers TV to find out just what Soccermatics is and how mathematics and science are slowly changing football.

David talks us about the geometry of shooting and the probability of scoring from different places – only three per cent of shots from outside the box end up being goals.

Harry Kane’s shooting patterns are under the microscope as we examine what makes him such a good goalscorer.

We also see why Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a statistical anomaly and why Jamie Vardy isn’t having as good a season this campaign as he did last.

David explains how passing networks work, as well as examining the heat maps of Eden Hazard, Philippe Coutinho and Adam Lallana, showing just why the Chelsea man is a step above everyone else this season.

The sacking of Claudio Ranieri by Leicester City also goes under the spotlight, as Matt and David examine the role of luck – either good or bad – in football.

David also explains how mathematical analysis can be used in the professional game – from scouting potential new signings to helping players refine their game.

Soccermatics Pro paperback is out now.

Will Spurs be able to cope without Harry Kane?

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