Football Manager 2020 Wonderkids: Striker

In these dire times, football fans need something to keep them going. FIFA scratches an itch but it doesn’t fill the void. But you can always rely on Football Manager.

For the past week and a bit, the 2020 iteration of the game has been free to play. Many will have taken full advantage of this but, despite the global lockdown, not all people have the time to unearth the gems in the game. 

Fortunately, however, we do. And we’ve put together a list of wonderkids you’re going to want to look at. FInally, we're onto the strikers.

The game-changers and the match-winners. The wonderkids we’re all eager to own. The players you become overly attached to without even realising. We’ve excluded the obvious names for, well, obvious reasons. 

Mason Greenwood

Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood on Football Manager 2020.

The Manchester United forward is one of the most exciting forwards in Football Manager 2020. He’s versatile, clinical and has a burst of pace that makes him extremely dangerous in a number of systems.

In our save, Greenwood develops even without playing regularly. If you manage to get him and play him on a weekly basis, the stats you see above will likely increase. For those managers wanting an English talent, Greenwood is the way to go. 

Myron Boadu

AZ striker Myron Boadu on Football Manager 2020.

The Dutchman isn’t an elite attacker like others on this list but he has the potential to be a handy attacker on Football Manager.

By the time we'd simulated the game five years into the future, Manchester City had signed the AZ teenager to replace Sergio Agüero. Physically, he’s a handful. If you work on his finishing then he’ll bag goals.

If your system doesn't hinge on your No.9 scoring goals, Boadu could be perfect for you. He’s available for £30million in the first season of the game, too. 

Sebastiano Esposito

Internazionale striker Sebastiano Esposito on Football Manager 2020.

Perhaps the closest player to a penalty box poacher in Football Manager 2020. Internazionale prodigy Esposito scores goals, lots of them, largely because of his finishing and anticipation on the game.

The Italian hitman doesn’t do much outside of the area but gear your play towards his strengths and you have a prolific striker in your midst.

Inter are open to parting with him if the bid is in excess of £40million with a bunch of add-ons included. If you want goals, Esposito should top your wishlist. 

Fabio Silva

FC Porto striker Fabio Silva on Football Manager 2020.

The best way to describe Silva would be as a clinical version of Roberto Firmino. During the first season, the Porto forward turns 17 but you can sign him for £20million.

If you’re in the luxurious position of having that sort of money available to spend on a teenager who won’t really impact your first-team squad for a few years then he is a no-brainer of a signing.

A goalscorer, a creator and a general menace, Silva can do everything in the final third but his best position is as a deep-lying forward. Allow him to facilitate, you’ll reap the rewards.