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In Football Manager 2018 there are a number of new features which make the match-day experience more immersive and authentic, regardless of the result.

Greater prominence has been give to information directly relating to the match, including the opposition scout report which is now available while picking your team.

There is also a tactics meeting which can happen the day before the game or on the day of the match itself, giving mangers the opportunity to get their intricate tactical messages across to the players before the game.

On the day of the game there are more cut scenes of players warming up and shots of the stadium, and there will also be shots of the team-sheets as well as pundits comments.

Team-talks are now done in the backdrop of the dressing room, with a lot more options to take into account concerning individual players, areas of the team, and the squad as a whole.

Luckily, there is still the opportunity to let your trusty assistants handle all this, as well as getting them to talk to the media in the tunnel prior to the game should you wish.

The match interface has undergone a redesign, and there are numerous ways to view the game and keep track of every detail of the action which has taken place, as well as that which is currently happening.

There are heat-maps, match stats, analysis of players and, again, that trusty advice from your carefully chosen backroom staff.

The biggest change could be the new graphics engine — an area of the game which has always been much discussed as Football Manager is not a game you play like FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer.

It supports more powerful graphics cards, resulting in better player models, lighting, and pitch textures, and the stadiums look really impressive if your system supports these graphics.

This, combined with improved AI, means player movements, celebrations, and in-game action are now all more realistic.

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