Video: FM2018 Feature Could Revolutionise The Game

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Fantasy Draft is Football Manager’s most innovative multiplayer mode, and is back for the new 2018 release with a slicker, cleaner look.

Fantasy Draft works in a similar manner to fantasy football style drafts where a group of participants pick their players, round by round, from a predetermined pool of players. The teams are then pitted against each other in a league or cup format.

This format was initially popular in US sports such as American football, but the format has filtered across and is now a big pert of the football gaming landscape.

Games can also be played offline in a single player fantasy draft. The biggest change for this year is the ability to play multiple seasons in the league format. This involves mid term drafts which act as the games very own transfer windows.

New managers can be added throughout these seasons, so there are fewer restrictions once the initial game is set up. The new version has a different feel to the regular football manager game, and has been designed with streaming in mind, creating more space in the middle of the screen.

Overall it is a much cleaner look which makes it a lot easier to play this mode of Football Manager than in previous versions. There is also a quick start option which will add the new manager to an already existing game online where a slot is available.

The maximum budget has been increased to £500million, allowing squads to be assembled of the world’s top players. Player pools can also be customised and there are now more options for filtering draft pools.

The new version of Football Manager is being released on November 10, and the whole game as had a reboot, and on this evidence the Fantasy Draft mode looks like it could be more exciting than ever.

Credit: Football Manager