Football Index referral code: Claim the £500 money back guarantee

To get started at Football Index with a whopping £500 sign up bonus, just use the Football Index referral code identified here.

Football Index referral code – the associated bonus

If you follow football and you enjoy the odd wager here and there, you’ll love the Football Index site (List of the best football betting sites). This site actually operates like a stock market, where you can buy and trade players for profit – and you can grab a solid welcome offer by using our Football Index referral code today.

football index referral code

Signing up at this site to get the offer

Although you can’t actually make bets with Football Index, you are still technically stumping up cash for sports with the idea of gaining some returns. To partake in this activity, and to get the designated welcome offer, you need to create a new account. To do this, just follow the steps shown right here:

  1. Click the button shown to jump to the registration page
  2. Establish your account details – username along with password
  3. Submit name, date of birth, address, and contact information
  4. Enter the Football Index referral code if requested
  5. Proceed to register

After submitting these details and opening your account, you will likely need to verify your details by sending through proof of address and identity. This can easily be done through the respective customer support links.

Football Index welcome bonus – more details

  • Welcome bonus

As you’ve already seen above, the Football Index referral code entitles you to a £500 money back guarantee on the site. Of course, with it being a money back guarantee, this means you are simply protected against net losses up to £500. The eligibility period for the offer is based on your first 7 days of trading on the site, and you must deposit £10 after signing up to qualify for the bonus. Note that if you are in profit after the first 7 days, you won’t receive any cashback from the site.

FAQs – Football Index referral code


How does this site actually work?

Football Index works like a stock exchange, only you are buying stakes in football players rather than companies. And just like the stock market, the value of these players and your investment can go up and down depending on the player's performances.

What are the registration requirements?

In order to successfully open an account with Football Index, you need to be a resident of the UK and be over the age of 18.

Can I apply the Football Index referral code on mobile?

Yes – while you can use the code when registering on the desktop, you can use the code in the exact same way on the app or the mobile site. The associated offer is identical on the mobile platforms.

What are the available deposit options?

Football Index has just a few deposit options listed on the site, with MasterCard/Visa debit cards being the main method used by current members.

Is it easy to track the value of my players?

Yes. Since the interface of the site is excellent, it is super easy to watch your players value fluctuate – hopefully in the right direction! Whenever you are satisfied with the price or the return, you can simply sell your player. Of course, it isn’t guaranteed that you will be in profit at this time.

Does Football Index also give ongoing promotions?

Not typically no. There is just the one promotion currently listed beside the welcome offer, and that is the refer-a-friend offer where you and a buddy can get £10 each.

Is there a way I can learn to use the site if I’m a beginner?

Absolutely. This is one of the most notable parts of the Football Index site, as it has something called the ‘academy’ where you can watch videos, read articles, and more to learn how to trade on the platform. All of this is completely free to access after you have set-up an account.

Is there an effective customer support set-up?

Of course. Whenever you feel like contacting the team for whatever reason, you can reach out to them through live chat, Twitter, phone, or email. Typically, the team will get back to you within minutes through live chat, but it can take a day or two through email.

Football Index Review

football index promotions

The trading product

To reiterate the difference between Football Index and a regular online sportsbook, here you cannot bet on the outcome of sporting events. Instead, you can purchase set shares of different players with the hope that the value will rise after a series of successful performances. You can buy players from all over the world on Football Index, with the best players such as Messi or Ronaldo having the highest value per share. It is super easy to see the value for all players, as the price is listed directly next to their name, and you can execute orders within seconds thanks to the slick site performance.

Just like the stock market, you can purchase ‘shares’ based on what you think might be a good investment. For example, if a lower league player is looking promising but the value per share is super low, this could be a good shout. The values for these players quite literally fluctuate on a daily basis, but Football Index always displays the value of the player and indeed the value of your portfolio – updated constantly.

User Experience

While the idea of trading football players is still a relatively new concept, we believe that the overall experience makes it as simple as possible. Right from the get-go, beginners can watch videos and tutorials on how the platform works. This already removes the fear-factor of the unknown, and after you become familiar with trading on the site, the interface and performance make things even better. With awesome charts and color schemes to highlight buy and sell options, we feel that Football Index has put together a truly top-level site.

These factors also extend to the mobile platforms too, which is perfect for players who like to sign-in and trade while they are out and about.

Customer Support Quality

Customer support on this site is clearly a big deal – as it should be. Currently, members can reach the team through methods such as live chat, email, Twitter, and phone, all of which are completely free to use. Through methods like phone and live chat, you can reach an agent with ease, and they are typically very helpful. The only downside is that the support options aren’t 24/7. Then again, if you can’t reach the team you can always check out the detailed FAQs section on the site, as there are all kinds of topics covered here.

Banking Options


While things have been running smoothly up until this point, we felt a little let down by the deposit options, as there seems to be just one available – debit cards. You can use either MasterCard or Visa to fund your account, and the minimum transaction value is £10. On a positive note, deposits are processed instantly with no fees, meaning you can instantly begin trading once you hit the deposit button. Deposits can be processed through both mobile and desktop, and don’t forget to use the Football Index referral code to grab your welcome bonus either!


As you might imagine, with just one deposit option available, there is just the one withdrawal option available too. Once again, the minimum transaction value that Football Index allows is £10, and while there are no associated fees, it can take a pretty long time to get your cash. We’ve seen reports of up to 10 business days for funds to come through, which some members might find a little frustrating. Should your time frame extend beyond 10 days, you may want to contact the support team to see what is going on.

Football Index – mobile platform reviews

football index mobile betting

Currently, Football Index has a respectable mobile app for both Android and iOS, as well as a mobile site that members can use to enjoy their account. We’ve produced a quick review of these platforms below.

Mobile app

Once you download the mobile app, you can easily sign-up with the Football Index referral code and get started with the welcome offer. This in itself is a very positive thing, and beyond the welcome offer, you will enjoy a slick and sophisticated interface with the app. It is quick and easy to make trades, and in our opinion, the aesthetics of the app are fantastic. And by switching on push notifications, you will never miss a beat!

Mobile site

Like most mobile sites, this platform doesn’t quite feel as slick as the desktop or the native app. But with that said, we didn’t encounter any technical glitches or faults with how the mobile site operates, so you don’t need to worry about frustrations resulting from these problems. And on the mobile site, you’ll find the same great visuals and color schemes as the other Football Index platforms. Just make sure that your internet connection is strong so that the pages load quickly and that your orders are executed correctly.

Pros & Cons

Unique trading experienceCustomer support isn’t 24/7
Money-back welcome bonusVery limited payment options
Mobile app availableSteep learning curve for beginners
Secure payment optionsSlow withdrawals (10 days max)

Football Index review – a truly refreshing site

Football Index UK

With the ability to buy and sell players around the world, Football Index really is one of a kind. It’s already great that you can receive £500 protection with the Football Index referral code. But beyond this, we have been seriously impressed with the way in which the site works, as well as the slick manner in which buy and sell orders are delivered. It really does feel like a professional stock market, only you are able to place stakes on the sport that we all love – football!

Top 3 alternatives to Football Index


Although Smarkets isn’t a trading platform for buying stakes in players, it is just about the closest alternative. Smarkets is a betting exchange where you can bet for and against sporting outcomes, so in this sense, it does operate differently from Football Index. However, there are similarities too, such as the ability to see how much has been staked on particular markets as well as options to cash-out wagers. And as far as site interfaces go, is one of the best in the game, with incredible graphs and aesthetics on many of the pages. The Smarkets promo code for 2024 is BETMAX.


Just like Smarkets shown above, Betfair is a betting exchange rather than a trading platform. If you’ve looked into betting exchanges before, you’ll probably be aware of the Betfair brand, as they are the biggest in the world. When popular sporting events are played, such as the Champions League final, Betfair often facilitates millions in wagers. This shows that the brand is trusted by a large number of punters, but Betfair also has a regular sportsbook that you can enjoy too. Arguably, this gives the site a bit more variety compared with Football Index, and there are plenty of bonuses to go around. Check out the Betfair sign up offers for more information.


Our last site that you should also check out is Ladbrokes, a site with years of experience and unreal product offerings. Ladbrokes has developed a great reputation for its betting markets on sports such as horse racing and football, but many people aren’t aware that Ladbrokes also has its very own betting exchange. This means that Ladbrokes is in a similar category to Betfair, but once again, you can’t buy and sell shares in football players – this is completely unique to Football Index. But if you do enjoy sports betting, Ladbrokes is undoubtedly a great choice, and there is £20 worth of sports betting bonuses on offer for brand new customers.

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