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Make the most of the time you have with your partners, children and friends. The countdown to the arrival of the the most addictive game in the world has begun with Football Manager revealing its first batch of features.

Football Manager 2018 will be on sale on November 10 and information on new features has been  for the first time.

The video, posted on the Football Manager YouTube account, is in the format of a news bulletin and features a reporter called Mike Duff, presumably named after the iconic Championship Manager defender who played for Cheltenham Town and Burnley, as well as several popular Football Manager YouTubers.

The headline news at this stage is the scouting process will be getting an overhaul to bring it in line with how clubs operate in real life. That also means added relevance for data analysts who were introduced in last year's game to little effect.

Jack Peachman, the man behind the hugely popular Work The Space YouTube channel dedicated to YouTube, also revealed there will be improvements to the AI, as well as a tactical improvements and new player roles.

Potentially the biggest new feature, though, is the introduction of ‘Dynamics'. Nothing more than the name is known at the moment with Sports Interactive supremo Miles Jacobson – who makes a brief Harry Redknapp-style cameo – keeping that information under wraps for the time being.

You can watch the full Football Manager 18 Headline Feature News video above.

Credit: Football Manager

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