Fifa 21 ultimate team: The ins and outs

Fifa 21 ultimate team: The ins and outs

The all-time favorite franchise FIFA released the twenty-first edition of the game at the beginning of October 2020 for some platforms, like PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows, and Xbox One. At the beginning of December, they released versions for PS5, Xbox Series S & X, and Stadia. This article will talk more about the most popular mode in the game that has dominated previous versions – FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA Ultimate Team lets you recruit players from different clubs and nationalities to combine the perfect eleven-player team (including a top CB of course!) or as many refer to as the “Perfect XI.” In this version of the game, you can build your so-called “dream squad” and put players like Messi and Mbappe in the same team. There are endless possibilities in this mode and many ways you can prosper with the best players' help, and maybe that's why it's a fan favorite among FIFA players.

Like in every previous release, we will go over the improvements and new features introduced in the FIFA 21 version.

FIFA Ultimate Team Co-Op

To get to the Co-Op menu, you have to go to the new “friends” widget and select who you want to play with. The Captain will have full control over the team quads and game modes, and he will start the game. There are three main types of Co-Ops – Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and Co-Op Friendlies. There have been some changes you would like, such as a limit to the number of games you can play that would count toward your weekly score. If one player can't play weekly score games, then none of you can, but you can still play the game to earn Coins or Skill Ratings. If you don't want to play against duo pairs in Co-Ops, then there is the possibility to play against solo players.

Community and Team Events

Community events are available for all players, and when you complete objectives towards them, the XP you receive goes into a “global pool.” You can get rewards by reaching XP levels with other players contributing to the XP pool. It doesn't matter how many objectives you complete, even if you only did one, if the other people in the Community event unlocked the reward, you would receive it. Team events divide Community events into five teams that will compete against each other H2H (head-to-head) to get prizes and rewards. If you are a part of the winning team at the end, you can get Coins, Packs, or special customization items.

FUT Stadium Customization

Stadiums have been an essential part of FIFA for a long time, and in the latest edition, the stadium would be customizable in many ways. Some of the customizations available will be:

  • Stadium theme
  • Crowd chants
  • Paint color of the stadium
  • Home Tifo
  • Commentary club names
  • New locations
  • Visual goal effects
  • Sound goal effects
  • Trophy space

Core Competitive Mode Improvements

If you are one of those players who started out playing vs. AI and then transitioned into online play in Division Rivals, you will have trouble considering that in the past, only Skill Rating was used to determine your placement from the initial placement matches. In FIFA 21, things will change a little, and you will have an alternative placement method for Division Rivals. This alternative method aims to find the best Division placement through single-player mode before you start playing online. If you don't have a problem or don't want to wait, you can still use the traditional 5 Placement Match method. Another improvement is that you will receive Coin rewards for promotions, which means that if you finish in Division 7, you will receive the coins for promotions from the previous Divisions as well. Live FUT Friendlies are also something new that a combination of Squad Rules and House Rules will only be available for a limited time. These fun new modes will have specific rules, and sometimes they will be paired with Objectives for more fun.

No More Training & Fitness Items

In FIFA 21, there won't be any more Training and Fitness items for various reasons. All players in FUT will start any match with a full Fitness stat. Many players throughout the game didn't use training items, which is why they are being removed in FIFA 21. Other changes include that there would only be two Healing items – rare and gold common. You can use them on any injury type instead of applying the item to a specific injury.

The New Additions to FUT 100 ICONs

The ICONs list has prominent names on it, and this year the creators decided to add a few more to the list, such as:

  • Philipp Lahm
  • Xavi
  • Eric Cantona

You can see the whole list of “The FUT 100” payers on the game's official website.