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Fantasy football tips: A starter guide

If you want to be closer to Football and decide yourself, you can try out the FPL (Fantasy Premier League. There you can become a football manager and pick your favorite stars to join your team. These types of fantasy games are very popular with many sports, and you can download the game. The 2020/2021 season already started, but there is still time to create your team and join the fun. There are other versions as well, which are for Fantasy Champions League or another significant tournament, but the FPL is the most famous one. This article will give you all the information you need to know about Fantasy Football in the UK.

Fantasy Football Tips and Beginner Steps

If you are new to Fantasy Football, you need to know a few things before managing your fantasy team. Currently, over seven million players have their teams. We will guide you through the process, and by the end of this article, you will be a pro.

Step 1: Create an account with FPL

The first step you should take is to sign up to FPL because you can't create a league and compete against other teams without one. You can do that by visiting the FPL web page and clicking on the “sign up” button. You have to fill out the registration form with your details, notification preferences, and favorite teams. After you are done, you need to verify your e-mail, and you will begin managing.

Step 2: Building a Squad

The first step is to build a squad consisting of three forwards, five defenders and midfielders, and two goalkeepers. You will have a starting budget of £100 million. You can choose a maximum of three players from any Premier League club. Be careful how you build your initial squad because it will matter in the future because you need them to make funds and win leagues.

Step 3: Choosing Your Team & Point Scoring

The next thing you have to do is select your team, and the key is to do it before each Gameweek deadline, which is usually ninety minutes before the first match of the week begins. The team consists of eleven players, and you have to choose between the fifteen players you selected for your squad. You can select whichever players you like, but there has to be at least one goalkeeper, one forward, and three defenders present in every game. You also have to select a captain and vice-captain and keep in mind that the points scored by your captain will be doubled. It would help if you also prioritized your bench so that the substitutions are automatic.

Points are the statistic by which winners are determined in FPL, which means that your players are assigned points for different activities, like scoring, saves, clean sheets, assists, etc. If your players are among the top performers, you will get additional bonus points, which can boost your score.

Step 4: Joining and Creating Leagues

The next step is to enter your squad into the game, which is straightforward. After you are done with that, you can create and join different leagues. There are three types of leagues in Fantasy Premier League:

  • Private Leagues – these leagues are the most common and liked among users. You can create a private league with no restriction on how many teams can join, and you can send the code with which your friends and acquaintances can join. Keep in mind that you can join up to twenty-five private leagues.
  • Public Leagues – leagues with randomly chosen managers can only compete in up to five of these leagues.
  • Global Leagues – after you complete step four, the system will automatically enter you into five global leagues, which we listed below.

Automatic Global Leagues

  • Managers starting the same Gameweek as you
  • The Fantasy Cup, which starts after Gameweek seventeen
  • The Overall league, which features all teams
  • Managers from your country
  • Supporters of your favorite Premier League team

Step 5: Transferring Players & Footballer Prices

Just like in real Football, there is a transfer market in the FPL. You can buy and sell players on it, and all transfers will be free up until the first deadline. After that, you will be able to use one free transfer per every new Gameweek. If you want to make more than one transfer per Gameweek, you should know that four points would be taken from your match score and total score when the next Gameweek begins. Keep in mind that you could also not use your free transfer, in which case you will be able to use it next Gameweek besides the free transfer reserved for it. This means that you will have two free transfers instead of only one. You won't be able to have more than two free transfers per Gameweek, so you might want to use them before they disappear.

The price of footballers during each Gameweek depends on the popularity of the managers in the game. Managers who sell players have to pay a so-called “sell-on” fee, which is usually fifty percent (rounded down to the closest £0.1 million), especially for more popular footballers who have been in many clubs. Keep in mind that the price of the players doesn't change until the season begins.

Step 6: Game Chips

Game Chips are a great benefit, and you can use them to boost your team's performance during a Gameweek. Keep in mind that each Gameweek, you can use a maximum of one Game Chip. There are five kinds of chips available:

  • Free Hit – you can make unlimited free transfers during the Gameweek, and at the end, the system will return your squad like it was at the beginning of the Gameweek.
  • Bench Boost – points that are scored by the substitute players on your bench are included in your total score.
  • Wildcard – this chip makes all transfers free of charge, including the ones you made already. You can use this Game Chip only two times during a season.
  • Triple Captain – the captain points you get aren't doubled but tripled for the next Gameweek.

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