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Mark Stevenson is a futurist and author of two books including the best-selling ‘An Optimist’s Tour of the Future’. He spends much of his time dealing with important topics concerning the future of humanity.

The focus of Mark’s latest book, ‘We Do Things Differently’, is finding ways to make the world ‘more sustainable, equitable and humane’. And he is interested in answering the same questions regarding the future of sport.

Stevenson proposes the possible need for a third Olympics due to the development of bionics, with technology raising moral uncertainties over what is and isn't fair.

He also talks about beautiful game, highlighting the importance of the role of football in an increasingly complex world. Football Whispers had the pleasure of discussing this, and much more, with him in the interview above.

Among other things, he argues why the next great challenge for football clubs will be social responsibility, why a world of robotic football is unlikely, and why the way we consume football may be on the cusp of great change.

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