On Tuesday night Sun journalist Neil Custis revealed on Twitter that Wayne Rooney will rejoin Everton this summer. Manchester United’s all-time leading goal-scorer will be removed from their America pre-season tour and become the latest Toffees signing by the end of this week.

It’s a move that has already divided Everton fans, but for a lot of reasons it does make sense for all parties, but it all depends on what Everton are willing to pay the 31-year-old.

The Guardian reported that Rooney was in talks with the Merseyside club, with the hope that they would match the £250,000-a-week wage that he receives at Old Trafford.

Rooney, in the past, has said that they are the only other Premier League club that he would consider playing for, which should give Ronald Koeman’s side some power in the negotiations.

Paying someone over the age of 30 years of age, especially when they look way past their best, anything close to that level is almost suicidal on Everton’s part.

Rooney should be respected for everything he has done in the game and United fans shouldn’t forget the amount of goals and trophies he brought to their club, but the soon to be, former Manchester United captain only started 15 league games last term and scored just five times.

No longer Peak Wayne Rooney

Five years ago, he scored 27 times in 34 games and was at the peak of his powers, some good seasons have come afterwards, but he is no longer a game-changer. That’s the type of players who you offer £13million-a-year, not someone who struggling on a game-to-game basis.

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Too often this season Rooney’s touch looked way off. Lumbering, lethargic and off the pace, that’s why Jose Mourinho didn’t pick him and that’s the main reason Everton need to be cautious.

Major League Soccer is Rooney’s only other option, but only Kaka and Sebastien Giovinco earn over $7million, which at £5.4m would see his weekly wage drop to £103,000, more than half of what he is trying to negotiate at Goodison Park.

Only For The Right Price

Wayne Rooney playing for Everton

If Everton can do a deal that sees them sign the England forward on a free transfer and for wages that could only be topped by a move to America, then it’s a deal worth doing.

Commercially, he would make the club money and Umbro would love the chance to market the kit for the new season with Rooney the face and the excitement of all their new signings leading the way.

Excitement around the club is already growing with the likes of Davy Klaassen, Michael Keane, Jordan Pickford and Sandro Ramirez arriving on Merseyside. Signing the Manchester United legend, but only on the right deal, could help take Everton to the next level.

Added Experience Priceless

Manchester United v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League

At the recent FIFA Under-20 World Cup, the Toffees had five players in the title winning squad, but regardless of how wrong Alan Hansen was when Sir Alex Ferguson brought through his talented young side, you need the right blend of youth and experience in order to be a success in the modern game.

Not only will Koeman need the right players added to the squad in terms of how they perform on the pitch, that winning mentality and vital off-field maturity could be key in helping, not only the youth talent, but the promising players that have come from smaller clubs, making that jump up.

When Rooney made his debut for Manchester United in 2004, he had Rio Ferdinand, Gabriel Heinze, Ryan Giggs and Roy Keane in the same starting line-up, all there to offer advice and guide the youngster through his early years.

Ademola Lookman, Mason Holgate and Tom Davies, all have the potential to go on and have great careers, but having someone with Rooney’s experience around them on a day-to-day basis could be one step closer to them fulfilling their promise.

He’s been there, done it, earned his big move and gone on to break records at one of the biggest clubs in the world. Who better to offer advice?

Bridging the Premier League Gap

Everton are looking to try and bridge the gap between them and the teams qualifying for the UEFA Champions League. It is going to be difficult to achieve that in one season, especially with the money the teams above them are spending.

Rooney, as a footballer, is not the type of player Koeman would actively be looking to sign, but it’s what he’d bring around the team that could make him more valuable.

One interesting side point surrounds the future of Ross Barkley. Once touted as the ‘next Wayne Rooney’ the 23-year-old is linked with a £50million move away from the club, due to the fact Everton won’t pay him £130,000k-a-week.

As much as the money would be very useful, if he wasn’t at the club now, he’s exactly the sort of player Everton fans would hope to be linked with. If he’s good enough for Spurs or even West Ham United, why not stump up the wages, rather than pay nearly double to a 31-year-old.

From a publicity point-of-view, Barkley doesn’t offer the same draw as Rooney, but even at his inconsistent best, he offers much more in terms of production on the field and that is just as important.

If there’s a way to get both, and not completely ruin any wage budget, then again, Rooney as Barkley’s mentor, could help the club fully benefit from the obvious talent he possesses.

Rooney to Everton, isn’t the worst idea ever imagined, but it needs to be the right deal for everyone, but mostly for the club. In this case, they definitely hold the most power.

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