Euro 2021 live streaming: A full guide on how to watch

Euro 2020 live streaming is in high demand with this summer's premium sporting event just around the corner. Find out how to watch the action live right here.

How to Watch Euro 2021?

euro 2020 live streaming

Euro 2020, or as some people call it Euro 2021, because it was postponed a year, is one of the most popular UEFA tournaments which decides which country is the European Champion for men's football. UEFA organizes the championship between national teams from all over Europe every four years, like the World Cup. Many fans would like to watch it from the comfort of their own home but don't know how to do that. Well, we are here to show you how. There are two routes you can take:

  • Subscribe to an online streaming service in the UK
  • Register to an online bookmaker platform which has live streaming

Below, we described in detail what each method would require of you and what it offers.

Watching Euro 2021 via Streaming Platforms in the UK

Online streaming platforms have become very popular nowadays, whether it's to watch movies or sports. There are plenty of quality providers in the UK, but each of them offers different streams. First, you will need to find the right streaming service for you and to see if the sport (in our case, football) is available. Next, we recommend that you check if Euro 2020 will be streamed or the tournament you wish to watch if it's not the European Championship. If you can't find the information online, you can contact the streaming service's customer support team and ask them directly.

When you find the perfect streaming service, you will need to get a subscription. When it comes to streaming services, it's not like bookmaker streaming. You will have to pay for the service each month, and the fee is dependent on the plan you choose. You will have to pick the best plan and decide if you are willing to pay the fee each month. You can register by following these steps:

  1. Open the streaming platform’s website and click on the button to register.
  2. Fill out the registration form with your details.
  3. Choose a streaming plan from what the service offers.
  4. Please choose a payment method and save it to your account.
  5. Make your first payment and get the streaming app (if they have one).

Top Football Streaming Services in the UK

There are enough streaming services in the UK, and they offer different types of streams. We recommend checking the following providers and seeing if they provide what you are specifically looking for. These are the best services not only in the UK but wherever they are available, and if they offer what you need, any of them would be the right choice.

  • Sky Sports
  • BT Sports
  • beIN Sports
  • Amazon Prime
  • YouTubeTV

If you want to know about these services' current prices, you will have to check out their websites for the latest info.

how to watch euro 2021 online

Bookies Won’t Stream Euro 2021 But They Still Offer Plenty of Other Streams

Bookmakers are very popular nowadays, and they offer their customers the chance to watch sports event broadcasts for free if they have an active account on their platform. You don't have to be a gambler to use this option because the only requirement is that you have a verified account and a positive balance in it. Here are the steps you can take to register and verify your account on any bookie platform:

  1. Open the bookmaker website and click on the button to access the registration form.
  2. Enter your details, such as contact information, login information, and personal information, and make sure they are the truth because you will need to verify them.
  3. If you would like to bet besides watching streams, enter a promo code to get the welcome bonus.
  4. Accept the platform’s terms and conditions and privacy policy and verify your age.
  5. Choose if you want to get notified about promotional offers and bonuses.
  6. Finish the registration and confirm your e-mail address.
  7. Start the verification process by sending the customer support team documents confirming your identity, address, and payment method via e-mail or live chat.
  8. Wait until the bookie verifies your account and make the minimum first deposit.

*On most bookie platforms, the minimum deposit is £10, and if you don't bet often, it might be cheaper than subscribing to a streaming service.

It is sure that bookies won’t provide streams for Euro 2021, but you can always contact them via customer support and ask about another competition you are interested in. They offer a wide array of streams across many sports and competitions, so even if it’s not for the Euro 2021, you might still get to watch another favorite competition. Keep in mind that you won't be able to go full screen when you are watching via a bookmaker because they want punters always to have access to the in-play markets available for the event.

Top Bookmakers with Live Streaming Features

We decided to make a list of the top bookmakers in the UK, so you can choose where you would like to register. All of these bookmakers have high-quality streaming features. If you are a fan of sports betting, it will offer you some of the UK's best betting experiences. Here is our list of bookmakers and what they offer new customers:

  • Willliam Hill
  • Ladbrokes
  • Betfair
  • Paddy Power
  • Genting Bet

genting bet live streaming

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Euro 2021 Live Streaming

Is watching sports events via a bookmaker free?

Technically it's not free because you will have to deposit into your account and maybe place a wager from time to time, so your account doesn't get closed for inactivity. But if you already have a bookmaker account, the streaming feature is provided to you for free, meaning that you won't have to pay any additional fees or bet on the football matches to watch them.

Which streaming option is cheaper?

Both options (bookies and streaming services) have pros and cons regarding the price, but if you aren't fond of gambling, then the bookmaker option will cost you less overall, but not all streams might be available. The streaming option requires a monthly fee, but you are guaranteed specific streams during that time.

Is it legal to watch live Euro 2021 streams in the UK?

As long as the streaming provider you are using, whether it's a bookmaker or a streaming platform, is licensed and legal in the UK, then you would have no problems. There are many free streaming advertisements on the internet, but they aren't legal, and the quality is seriously lacking.

Does Amazon Prime (or another streaming platform) guarantee me streams of all Euro 2021 matches?

Like we said before, you will have to check each streaming platform's subscription plans and see what they offer specifically for your region. If you can't find that information, we suggest contacting their customer support and asking them directly if they will provide Euro 2021 streams.

Are all the bookmakers and streaming services mentioned in the article legal in the UK?

Yes, they are. We only recommend licensed and legal options for the UK. Keep in mind that some options might not be available abroad.

Is Euro 2021 live streaming available on mobile devices?

As long as the streaming provider offers streaming on the event, no matter if it’s a bookie or other online platform, you can watch the streams via your smartphone or tablet with the platform’s mobile app. Streaming services, like Amazon Prime, YouTubeTV, and others, would also be available to watch on a Smart TV.

Are the mobile apps of bookmakers and streaming services free?

Yes, they are. Downloading and installing the app is free, but you will need to log in to your account or create a new one to watch the streams once you do that.

Which of the mentioned streaming services are available outside of the UK too?

Services like Amazon Prime and YouTubeTV are available in many countries worldwide, and you can even use VPN to watch some of the streaming services.

Final Conclusion

We all love to watch football matches and sometimes our cable provider isn't enough. In this modern age, there are many options to watch the sport and Euro 2021 next summer. We mentioned the UK's legal options, but since the event is months away, we can't say for sure which of these providers or bookmakers would provide Euro 2021 streams, but we listed the most popular and established options. You don't need to worry about these platforms' legality, but if you are watching from abroad, make sure they are available there. Whether you choose to watch via a bookmaker or a streaming service, you won't be disappointed because they both offer high-quality streams.