Euro 2020 accumulators: How to create and place your football bets

Bettors across the world are preparing their Euro 2020 accumulators to enjoy the tournament. Let's discuss some of the most popular acca options with examples of how such a bet would be settled.

Euro 2021 accas: Beginner Betting Tips

Accumulators are a prevalent type of bet where multiple outcomes are combined. They are also called ACCAs for short or Parlays, but this term is mostly used in the US. There is an essential rule regarding ACCAs, which some people say makes these bets “unwinnable,” but it opens up bigger odds opportunities to others. To win an accumulator bet, you will have to predict all of the selections. Even if just one leg of your Euro 2020 acca is wrong, you lose the whole wager.

Because accumulators are hard to predict, the bookmaker's odds are very high compared to other bet types. Maybe that's why people still place ACCAs every day, because of the hope of a higher odds win. But at the same time,

Euro 2021 accumulators are bets with multiple selections. The more selections you have, the higher the odds, but also, it highly unlikely that you will predict the matches correctly. It would help if you had a massive dose of luck or expertise or both.

Here are some acca strategy tips to bear in mind:

  • If you are sure enough to place a selection in an accumulator, then risk it and place the single wager as well, and if you are correct, you will increase your profits. If you place all your win selections from the accumulator in single bets as well, and you are lucky enough to be right, then imagine what the payout would be from all of the bets you placed. If you aren't confident enough, then don't risk your betting funds; you will have other places to place them.
  • Don't place Euro 2021 accumulators with many selections. It's tough enough to win an accumulator with four legs; you don't have to decrease your chances for that minuscule chance of winning an ACCA with eight legs. Play it safe and place ACCAs with few selections where the chances of winning are more significant. Even though you can even place an accumulator with twenty legs, why take the small chance when you can place a few ACCAs with the minimum number of selections.
  • Add selections of leagues and competitions you are familiar with and not random selections, just because there is a favorite in it. Sticking to what you know is the best strategy for sports betting in general, especially when it comes to ACCAs. That's because they are high-risk, high-reward types of bets, and placing selections you don't have a clue about in an ACCA is a terrible idea because it might cost you the entire wager.
  • Choosing the best bookie to place an ACCA is another good strategy because you can have your pick of different odds and available promotions. One bookie might have good odds, but the other one might have an ACCA-related promotion, which will increase your chances of winning depend on the kind of promo. So, pick a bookmaker that gives you the best deal for the accumulator you want to place.
  • Choose to bet with a bookmaker that provides an attractive welcome bonus, and if you find better odds with another bookie, don't hesitate to register and bet with another bookmaker. Having multiple accounts will give you more opportunities to bet on better odds. Having to play with numerous new customer bonuses is also a great bonus.

Euro 2021 Accumulator Tips for Selections with Multiple Matches

Euro 2021 accumulators

The most common types of accumulators placed are the ones where customers include a few selections of full-time result (also called match odds or 90-minute) markets from one or more leagues or competitions. Below we have detailed a few examples along with calculations. Some accumulator bets have the option to cash-out. If you want to use it, the bookmaker will automatically calculate your cash-out sum depending on how the match is going, what time you requested the cash-out and other factors.

Hypothetical Example for a Multi-Match Accumulator

Imagine you want to place a £10 ACCA with the following selections and odds:

  • Belgium to win vs. Russia – 8/11
  • England to win vs. Croatia – 4/5
  • Scotland to win vs. the Czech Republic – 13/8
  • Spain to win vs. Sweden – 1/3

If all of the selections turn out correct, you win the ACCA bet, and you would get £108.82 in returns; if you remove the stake you placed, that will leave you with a profit of £98.82, which is high compared to the stake amount.

Same Game Multi / bet builder options

Some people also enjoy placing accumulator bets on the same game markets, like in the example we mentioned below. You can also use the built-in same game multi-feature some bookmakers offered customers. If the feature isn't available and you can't place your wager, you can see if the bookmaker has a request a bet feature, allowing you to make the wager if it isn't available otherwise.

Hypothetical Example of a Euro 2020 Same Game Accumulator

Hypothetically let's say you placed a £10 accumulator with the following same game markets:

  • Team A to win
  • Over 2.5 Goals
  • Over 3.5 cards
  • Player X to have over 1 shot on target

Total odds: 9/1

If all selections on this Euro 2021 acca are correct, you would win the accumulator and score returns of £100, for a profit of £90. Since the markets are all connected, this can also be qualified as a bet builder selection. Plenty of bookmakers offer the bet builder option, which is also called “same game multi” sometimes. Mostly it's available on Football matches, but some bookies like Bet365 offer the feature for Tennis and Basketball events.

Euro 2021 accas: multi-game combinations

There are different types of combination bets available; for example, the most popular football combination wager is “Match Odds & Both Teams to Score,” but there are also other variations. Each bookmaker provides specific combos. If you don't find the combination you are looking for, you can always use the “best builder” or “request a bet” features to see if you can place the bet you want with the bookmaker. If not, you can always try to place the wager with a different bookmaker. We will give you a few examples of ACCAs with combination bets, so you get the idea.

Hypothetical Examples for Combination Bet ACCAs

You can place a £1 accumulator with the following hypothetical combination bet selections:

  • Double on England (3/1) & Belgium (2/1)
  • Double on Scotland (4/1) & Spain (2/1)
  • A 4-fold accumulator on all four countries winning in the group stages

From the first double, if it weren't a selection in an ACCA bet, you would get a total return of £12, and from the second double – £15. The third selection, an ACCA itself, would grant you a total return of £83. These numbers would be correct if all three of these selections weren't in a larger accumulator. This makes the final total return much larger, and to think that you placed only £1 on this wager. All of the predictions would have to be correct to win, which means that all countries have to win during the group stages against their opponent.

Euro 2021 Outright ACCAs

European Championships trophy

Outright bets are also prevalent, and combining them in accumulators is an excellent idea if you are sure about the outcome. We realize that if you placed the accumulator long before the event even started, your chances of winning wouldn't be as high, but the bright side is that your profit potential would be enormous.

Hypothetical Example of an Outright Accumulator

For example, you placed an ACCA bet worth £5 with outright selections, like:

  • Euro 2020 Winner – France – 5/1
  • Premier League winner – Liverpool – 2/1
  • La Liga winner – Barcelona – 3/1

Total odds: 71/1
Potential payout: £360

Since you would make the wagers so far in advance, the odds are great, and the fact that the bet is an accumulator also increases the odds.

Top Bookmakers to Place Accumulator Bets

We created a list of the best bookmakers you can place accumulator bets. You won't regret joining any of these bookies because they have all the required factors for a high-quality bookmaker. You can also see the available new customer welcome offers each bookmaker provides.

  1. William Hill
  2. Bet365
  3. Ladbrokes
  4. Unibet
  5. Betfair
  6. Coral
  7. Paddy Power
  8. Betfred

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