England World Cup Group 2022: Schedule, fixtures and venues in Qatar

Since the 2022 World Cup is just a few months away, we are all getting pretty pumped for another instalment of the world’s biggest tournament. With that said, the first stage of the tournament is all about the groups and who might progress.

England World Cup Group – Introduction

That’s why we wanted to take some time to focus on the England World Cup group. As a refresher, England has been allocated a spot in Group B. This group contains four teams, as all of the other groups do. And besides England, the other teams include Wales, the USA, and Iran.

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England will play each of these teams just once. And as has been the case in all previous World Cup events, the top two teams will progress to the knockout stage. England is obviously favoured to make it through the group. But ideally, they need to finish in the first place to avoid top teams in the first part of the knockout stage. All of this will be played out between November 20th and December 18th too – the time frame for the World Cup tournament in Qatar.

Anyway, we are focusing on the England World Cup group 2022 here, so let us get into some specifics right now.

Details on the England World Cup Draw

England’s World Cup group was made official on April 1st, 2022. The draw was performed in Doha, and like previous draws, teams were pulled at random from four different pots. Pot allocations were done based on team rankings. And with England being a seeded team for the event, the England World Cup draw was always going to involve England being labelled as a top seed for one of the groups. As it happens, England was pulled from pot 1 and put into Group B. The draw then proceeded further until all of the top teams had been distributed into one of the eight World Cup groups.

Like previous times, however, the one and only exception were that Qatar was placed automatically into Group A as the host nation. From then on, the England World Cup draw was revealed incrementally. The teams were pulled from the remaining three pots, which is why Group B now has Iran, the USA, and Wales.

England Group World Cup 2022

Following on from the information shared regarding the England World Cup draw above, let us now turn our attention to the teams in the group. Of course, you now know that England will face three teams – Wales, Iran, and the USA. This isn’t the easiest group, to be perfectly honest, but there are no teams that would be deemed as enormous threats either. At the time of writing, the USA are highest ranked besides England, with a ranking of 14. Following them, you have Wales with a ranking of 19, and then Iran with a ranking of 22.

England world cup fixtures

England is currently ranked fifth in the FIFA rankings. So this means that from the England World Cup group, England is the heavy favourite. As for the scheduled games, they are as follows:

  • England vs Iran – November 21st
  • England vs the United States – November 25th
  • England vs Wales – November 29th

The schedule of matches for the England World Cup group 2022 is pretty tight, as you can see. But that’s because the actual schedule for the World Cup as a whole is condensed for this year’s event. However, while the schedule is tight, England still has three days of rest time between each group game. So they should be good to go!

England World Cup Group 2022 Predictions

The final thing to discuss relating to the England World Cup group is who might progress through the group and in what position. This is something that many football fans are thinking about. And this has been the case ever since the England World Cup draw was completed back in April 2022. On that note, we want to share our predictions for the group right now.

England group World Cup 2022 – outright winner

When all is said and done, we do believe that England will be the outright winners of the England World Cup group. They have the best team by far, and unless something goes catastrophically wrong, they should top the group. With that said, the games won’t be a walk in the park, and England will still need to play well to get the job done. However, we also wouldn’t be surprised if England did win all three group matches.

England group World Cup – second place

It is somewhat easy to predict the England World Cup group winner. But as for the team that will finish in second place, this is anything but simple. The other three teams are very close in ranking, and they have squads of similar strength. However, if we had to pick one team of the three, we would go with the USA. Not only are they the highest ranked team besides England, but they have experience on the biggest stage in football.

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The United States has some great players too – guys that compete in Europe for some of the biggest teams in the business. So for us, they have the most potential to finish second in the England World Cup group.

FAQs on England World Cup Group

How do the points work for the England World Cup group 2022?

Three points are awarded for a win. One point is awarded for a draw, and zero points are given for a loss.

Is it possible to watch matches from the England World Cup group?

Absolutely. All of the games from this group will be shown on mainstream TV in the United Kingdom. So you’ll be able to catch all of the action.

Why is first and second place important in the England group World Cup?

It’s important because the team that finishes in first place will play the team that finishes in second from Group A. So theoretically, by winning the group, the first knockout game should be easier than if they finished second.

Who is the best player in the England World Cup group?

For us, the best player from the group has to be Harry Kane – England's main striker.