England World Cup Fixtures : Dates, UK kick off time plus more information on World Cup 2022

The 2022 World Cup is just a few short months away. So naturally, football fans around the world are getting pretty excited for this one – especially fans in England.

England World Cup Fixtures 2022 – Introduction

As you’ve no doubt guessed, we shall be looking mainly at the England World Cup fixtures here, along with a few other important elements regarding the tournament. As a reminder, the tournament is scheduled to kick off on November 21st, which makes this World Cup unique.

It is the only World Cup in history to be played at this time of the year. And it is also going to be the first World Cup to have such a condensed format. The tournament will actually be played out over the course of 4 weeks. This means that the tournament will wrap up on December 18th, with the finals being held on that exact date. Of course, the early stages are where all of the group games will get played.

England is in group B, and they have been drawn into the same group as the USA, Iran, and Wales. Like all previous World Cup events, England will play each of these teams just once. This is the format for all of the other groups too, but as we said previously, we shall be focusing on England right here. So let us actually dive into the World Cup fixtures along with some other interesting details surrounding England and the World Cup.

England Fixtures World Cup – Full Breakdown

Team A Team B Schedule

Group Stage | Matchday 1 of 3

EnglandEngland World Cup Fixtures : Dates, UK kick off time plus more information on World Cup 2022

IranEngland World Cup Fixtures : Dates, UK kick off time plus more information on World Cup 2022

Nov 21, 22 at 13:00

Group Stage | Matchday 2 of 3

EnglandEngland World Cup Fixtures : Dates, UK kick off time plus more information on World Cup 2022

USAEngland World Cup Fixtures : Dates, UK kick off time plus more information on World Cup 2022

Nov 25, 22 at 19:00

Group Stage | Matchday 3 of 3

WalesEngland World Cup Fixtures : Dates, UK kick off time plus more information on World Cup 2022

EnglandEngland World Cup Fixtures : Dates, UK kick off time plus more information on World Cup 2022

Nov 29, 22 at 19:00

England’s World Cup campaign will begin on day one. This means that their first match will be played on November 21st, and the game is against Iran. The game will kick off at 4 PM local time, so of course, if you want to watch, you may want to keep this time free. However, this is just the first game, and England has two others to play before they get out of Group B. So, starting with the England World Cup fixtures relating to the group, let us run through the games right now.

England World Cup Fixtures – Group Stages

As mentioned above, the first group stage match for England is against Iran on November 21st. This game will begin at 4 PM, and as a reminder, November 21st is a Monday. And while the match will start at 4 PM local time, this is actually 1 PM in the United Kingdom. As for the possible outcome of this game, really, England should be taking the win. England is 5th in the FIFA rankings and Iran is 23rd.

The second group stage game is against the USA. This match is scheduled for November 25th, and kick-off is 10 PM local time. This means that in the UK, kick-off will be 7 PM – a much better time to be able to tune in and watch the game. Of course, November 25th is a Friday too, which means that this game will receive plenty of attention from football fans.

The final group stage game is against Wales, which is a huge clash given the local rivalry. England vs Wales will be held on November 29th with a 10 PM kick-off, local time. So once again, this means that 7 PM is the kick-off time in the United Kingdom. November 29th is a Tuesday too, and depending on how the previous two matches go, this one could be a massively influential match.

England World Cup Fixtures – Round of 16

Once the knockout stages begin, this is the stage at which the England World Cup fixtures are not known exactly. That’s because it depends on whether England manages to win the group or not. If they do win the group, then they will play on December 4th, which is a Sunday. But if they fail to win the group, meaning they finish in 2nd place, England will play on Saturday, December 3rd. And in terms of who they might play, it will be either the winners or runners-up of Group A.

In case you didn’t know, Group A consists of teams including Ecuador, Qatar, Senegal, and the Netherlands. Needless to say, the Netherlands would probably be the team that England fans would like to avoid. But again, it depends on how both of these groups perform.

England world cup fixtures

England Fixtures World Cup – Quarter-finals

Looking at the way in which the draw is structured, the quarter-finals could be very interesting for England, assuming they made it there. If they were to win their group, this is the point at which they will play either the winners of Group D or the runners-up from Group C. Teams including Argentina, Mexico, Poland, France, Denmark, and Tunisia are all possible opponents at this stage. And if England did go down this track, they would play on December 10th.

On the other hand, if they were the runners-up from Group B, then they would be in the other half of the draw. And at the quarter-final stage, the roles are reversed here. Instead, they would play either the winners of Group C or the runners-up from Group D. So of course, the same teams mentioned above could be the opponents here. The game would be held on December 9th if England went down this path.

England Fixtures World Cup – Semi-finals

To keep things simple, let’s look at the England World Cup fixtures from both possibilities – either winning Group B or finishing as runners-up. So, if they won Group B and made it through to the semi-finals, they could come up against the winners of either Group F or Group H (most likely). If the seedings went to plan, then this would mean a clash against either Belgium or Portugal – possibly Uruguay. This path would mean that England’s semi-final game would be played on December 14th.

The alternative path if England finished as the runners-up in Group B is also pretty interesting. This part of the draw would mean that England would play against the winners of Group G or Group E. In terms of likely opponents, it will be Brazil or Spain/Germany. And the game would then be played on December 13th instead.

England World Cup Fixtures – Finals

The final is fixed to be played on December 18th, so we don’t have to predict when England will play anymore. And if they did make it to the final, the game will kick off at 3 PM, UK time. This is 6 PM local time, so keep your schedule clear if you want to watch the World Cup final on this day. At this point, it’s getting a little speculative as to who England could play. But if they won Group B, it’s likely that they would play against a team such as Brazil, Germany, or Spain.

However, if they were the runners-up in Group B, they could play against a team such as Belgium or France. Again, this is all a little speculative at this point, but at least you know when the match will be played!

England’s chances of winning the World Cup

The famous ‘it’s coming home’ chant hasn’t quite been realized by England for quite some time now. However, in recent years, England has been looking good under the guidance of Gareth Southgate. During the 2020 Euros (played in 2021), England fell at the final hurdle to Italy. And in the previous World Cup, England did make the semi-finals. They actually held a lead in both of these games before ultimately crashing out.

But dare we say it, England really is looking like a different team these days. And according to the bookies, England is the second-favourites to win the event behind Brazil. So how are their chances? Well, we would say pretty good!

England world cup fixtures

Previous performances for England in the World Cup

Putting the England World Cup fixtures to one side now, we would like to quickly look back at England’s performances in this tournament. Of course, the one and only time that England did win the World Cup was back in 1966. And many of you reading this won’t have been born at that time, which does put things into context. However, it’s not like England has been terrible at the World Cup – far from it. England has made the quarter-final stage of the tournament on 9 different occasions, which is consistent.

Predictions for England in the 2022 World Cup

We’ve been positive about England regarding their World Cup chances this year. However, to actually go all the way and win the biggest tournament in the world takes guts, skill, courage, and a certain degree of luck. It’s fair to say that England does have the team to win the tournament, but we doubt whether they can squeeze past teams such as Brazil, France, or Belgium. So for that reason, we think that England can make the semi-finals as an absolute maximum.

FAQs on England Fixtures World Cup

Can I bet on all of the England World Cup fixtures?

Absolutely. Bookies all over the UK will be covering England’s games, and online bookmakers will likely have 100+ markets for these games.

Can I watch the England World Cup fixtures on TV?

Absolutely. In the UK you’ll be able to watch the games on BBC and ITV.

When will we know what the England World Cup fixtures are for the knockout stage?

The England Fixtures World Cup schedule won't be known until the group stage finishes.

Is it possible to wager on the World Cup before England actually plays a game?

Yes. You can make ‘futures’ bets on England at leading online bookmakers right now.