Champions League 2020 just ended with the brilliant victory of Bayern Munich against Paris Saint-Germain. We can't wait to see who if Bayern can retrain the trophy. In our article, we will show you the outright odds for the 2020-2021 Champions League on the top bookmaker platforms, and predict what other kinds of outright markets you can bet on.

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Champions League Qualifying and Competition Stage

2021 is still months away, but the qualifying stage begins soon. The only sure team to get to the group stage of the 2021 competition is this year's winner of the UEFA Champions League. We will find out who the first sure contestant in next year's group stage would be on August 23rd. Whoever loses in the play-off round will automatically qualify for the 2020/2021 Europa League. Two teams from each group will be eligible for the knockout phase, while the third team in the group stage tables would head to Europa League. In the knockout phase, sixteen teams play against each other until one winner is selected.

Predictions: Clubs with the Highest Chances of Winning the 2021 Champions League

There are plenty of teams with chances of winning the 2020/2021 Champions League, but these have proven themselves in the past s capable, and even with slight changes to their squads, they have a chance at winning the tournament.

Manchester United

In its long history, Manchester United has only won the Champions League (European Cup) three times. The most recent time was in 2008, which isn't as inspiring as we thought, but we had to mention them because they are the top winner of the Premier League. We should also note that the Reds were the first English club to win the European Cup (Champions League). We don't know how they would do for themselves this season. The last one they fell to the Europa League, and we can only wait and see how they would perform in the round 16 matches this year.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is the team with most UEFA Champions League titles. Last season they missed their chance of snatching four consecutive Champions League titles. In the last decade alone, the club has four titles, and even if this year they are going to face tough opponents, they still have a shot at winning if they can win against teams like Manchester City, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona to get to the semi-finals. The club has many domestic trophies and European too. They have a real shot at being one of the finalists during the 2020/2021 Champions League, even if they don't win this year.


Liverpool is the current reigning champion of the Champions League. In the past, they won the tournament six times more than any other English club. The team lost during the round 16s during this year's Champions League, but that doesn't mean they won't be back in shape for the next one. We can certainly see them qualifying for the round 16s at least but, especially if they make some useful transfers during the current summer transfer and the next winter one.

Manchester City

Manchester City is one of the teams with the highest probability of winning the Champions League this year. The team has never gotten to the Champions League finals in the tournament's long history, which is surprising. According to bookmakers, they are one of the possible winners during this year's tournament. They would have to face fierce competition to get through to the finals, but if they manage to win their matches, they could win the UEFA Champions League for the first time in history. When it comes to the 2021 Champions League, they would have better chances if they win this year to go straight to the group stage next year. Even if they have a small chance of grabbing the 2021 title, we still thought we should include them.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is one of the best teams in Europe currently. They grabbed the 2020 Bundesliga title, and are one of the two teams who are most likely to win this year's UEFA Champions League. They have reached the finals of the tournament ten times and won five titles. Their most recent Champions League win was during the 2012/2013 season when they battled against another German team (Borussia Dortmund). They might grab their sixth title this year if they manage to win the remaining five matches, they have left. They have a high chance of winning the next Champions League as well if they manage to go through the group stage.


Barcelona is a highly respected team with five UEFA Champions League titles under their belt. They are currently ranked fifth in the Champions League, and their most recent title was in the 2014/2015 season. This year the team isn't one of the teams anticipated to win the tournament, but next year if they get into better shape, they might surprise everyone and take their sixth title. The club is long-time rivals with another one of UEFA Champions League legends, and the matches between them are referred to as “El Clásico.”

Underdog Teams with Small Chances of Winning

  • Inter Milan
  • A.C. Milan
  • Chelsea
  • Juventus
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Paris Saint-Germain
  • Arsenal
  • Ajax

These teams have won the Champions League previously, or their recent performances have put them on our list. If they work hard, they might have a chance of winning next year's League. Sometimes even underdogs win matches.

Top Bookmakers to Provide 2020/2021 Champions League Markets

The 2020 Champions League is almost at its end, and we can't wait to see if our predictions were correct.

Bet365 Outright Markets

Bet365 is the most popular bookie in the world, and they offer a wide variety of betting options not only for Football but also for niche sports. Following the trend, their oddsmakers believe that either the Citizens or Bayern Munich would grab the Champions League title this year. They offer five outright markets to their customers:

  • Winner
  • Top Goalscorer
  • To Reach the Final
  • Nationality of Winner
  • Finalists

On their platform, you can place both pre-game and in-play bets. They have a few exciting features you can benefit from, like Edit Bet, Cash-Out, Live Steaming, Soccer Bet Builder, etc. Their platform is user-friendly and attracts many new customers. Check Bet365 offers here.

Betfair Outright Markets

Betfair is one of the biggest bookie names in the UK. They not only have a Sportsbook, you can try out, but also a betting exchange platform that has gone viral ever since it was released. No matter if you are a person who loves betting with a bookie or prefer to have broader options and bet with peers, you can do that on Betfair. For this year’s Champions League, they provide six types of outright betting markets:

  • Champions League Outrights 2020/21 – Winner Double Chance
  • To Reach the Final
  • Name the Finalists
  • Top Goalscorer 2020/2021
  • Winner 2020/2012
  • Winning Nationality

Betfair thinks that either Manchester City or Bayern Munich would win the Champions League. Check Betfair latest offers here.

William Hill Outright Markets

william hill app icon

William Hill has been a top bookmaker for many years now, and they provide a wide array of betting options for their football punters. According to them, the most likely winner of the tournament is either Manchester City or Bayern Munich. According to them, the team with the least chances is Chelsea and considering they are going up against the German Bundesliga winner, all odds are against them. The bookie will most definitely provide Enhanced Odds for some of the remaining matches, so watch out for them every day. In addition to the outright winner market, you can also find outright markets for Goalscorer, Nationality of the Winner, who will be the finalists, and the team to reach the final. Check William Hill offers here

Unibet Available Outright Markets

Unibet is a famous brand name in Europe, and they offer many football in-play and pre-game markets. Unlike other bookies on our list, Unibet thinks that Bayern Munich would be the definite winner of this year's Champions League. We can only wait and see the results of the matches to see if they would guess correctly. The bookmaker provides customers with a unique welcome bonus and one of the best user experiences on their website. They also have a ton of special offers you can benefit from, and a forum called “The Unibet Community” where you can chat with other customers about different topics, advice or issues you may have.Check Unibet offers here

Ladbrokes Outright Markets Available

Ladbrokes is a respected bookmaker, and they have a great user-friendly platform to share with their customers. Their welcome bonus is very attractive, and you can use any of their Football features to broaden your betting experience. You can try and request odds with #YourCall, or put multiple bets together with Bet Builder. They have cash-out available on a significant portion of the matches they provide, and their live streaming platform is fantastic. When it comes to the Champions League Outrights, they offer only three markets:

  • Champions League 2020/2021
  • To Reach the Final
  • Name the Finalists

Like other bookmakers, they also favor Bayern Munich or Manchester City to win the tournament. Check Ladbrokes offers here

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the 2021 Champions League

When is the 2021 Champions League Competition going to be?

The actual competition would be between October 20th, 2020 and May 29th, 2021.

When is the 2021 Champions League qualifying stage going to be?

The qualifying stage is going to be between August 8th, 2020 and September 20th, 2020.

Which stadium would host the 2021 Champions League final?

The final would be held in the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul.

Do bookmakers provide any promotions for existing customers related to the UEFA Champions League?

There are hundreds of online bookmakers, and we can't say that all of them provide Champions League bonuses. Still, you can check your favorite bookies' promotions page to find out if they have any bonuses related to the event or its final.

When can I place outright bets?

Outright wagers are usually placed before the tournament begins.

Do Outright bets have high overall profits?

The profits of each bet depend on the odds. When it comes to outright wagers, the earlier you place the wager, the better the odds, which means that the sooner you place an outright bet, the bigger the profit.

Can I request my outright wager?

Yes, you can. If the bookmaker platform has a “request a bet” feature, you can request odds for any event or match. Usually, the names of these features have a # symbol in them because the requesting process happens via Twitter.

Our Conclusion on Champions League 2020/2021 Outrights Odds

Many bookies provide outright odds on the event, and all of them agree that Bayern Munich would be the winner of the tournament. In Football, anything could happen, so we can't say for sure that Munich would win. After all, they would potentially be playing with teams, like PSG, Manchester City, Barcelona, Juventus, or Real Madrid, to get to the semi-finals. Bayern Munich won this year's Bundesliga, and now they have a real shot at getting the Champions League title as well. The variety of outright markets available