Bwin grand national offers

Let us now get into the main information relating to Bwin Grand National offers.


Bwin Grand National Offers 2022

Given that the Grand National is now less than two weeks away, punters are searching for the best Grand National betting offers like never before. Of course, this is pretty much the largest race of the calendar year in the UK. This alone results in millions of pounds being wagered on just a single race. And specifically relating to Bwin Grand National offers, we have quite a bit to get through. This site has slowly but surely been releasing some truly awesome bonuses for this race. And since you are here, you are about to discover the information relating to all of them.

There are Bwin Grand National offers available for both new and existing customers as well. So even if you already have an account with these guys, we still have some exciting information to share with you. Alternatively, if you do not yet have a Bwin account, you must ensure that you are based in the UK and over the age of 18 before registering.

Sign up bonus – Bwin Grand National offers for new customers only

Let's get the ball rolling by talking about the Grand National betting offers open to brand new customers with this platform. For those who join the Bwin site today, you can actually make use of a £20 backup bet promotion. Essentially, this offer works as a risk-free bet, where the maximum funds that can be reimbursed are £20. With that said, there are certain conditions that you have to meet before redeeming the bonus. First and foremost, you have to go ahead and register for a new account. From here, you must deposit a minimum of £10 and then wager a maximum of £20.

This £20 wager minimum must be met by a combination of 3+ bets, with total cumulative odds of 3.00. Of course, this means that you can satisfy the qualifying wager requirements in different ways. But regardless of how you qualify for it, the fact remains that if your bet loses, Bwin will credit your account with a maximum of £20. This is good news as far as Grand National betting offers go, as you are shielded against net losses.

There is no need to apply a promo code to receive this bonus. And in addition to this, we must note that the £20 refund is given as a free bet. This means that you cannot simply withdraw the cash once the refund has been credited.

Current member bonuses – Bwin Grand National offers

It's one thing being able to take advantage of a £20 risk-free bet as a brand new customer. But where does this leave existing customers? Well, this is a question that we can provide a rather positive answer to. Looking at the range of Bwin Grand National offers that are listed on the site right now, there is actually a pool of bonuses that you can browse through. At the same time, there are no restrictions as to how many Grand National betting offers you can take advantage of with Bwin.

And in our opinion, the more bonuses you redeem the better! Let’s take a moment to run through these bonuses now:

Enhanced Accas

If you are someone who loves to make accumulator bets, this is a promotion that you will likely enjoy. For some of the largest sporting events covered by Bwin, the site will handpick certain accumulators and then boost the odds. For the Grand National, you will notice that the enhanced accas tend to involve horses from other events as well. So this means that you would need to try and pick the winner of the Grand National, and then back this up by picking a winner for other selected races. Compared with some of the other Bwin Grand National offers, this is obviously a bit of a riskier play.

However, since these have also been given a boost, the subsequent returns are much higher than usual.

Best odds guaranteed

It's worth mentioning that currently, you can take a stab at a range of ante-post markets on the Bwin platform. This is where this promotion actually benefits those that make an early wager. Let's say you back a horse at 5.0 odds to win the Grand National, and you do this today. If the price then shifts to 9.0 on the day of the race, Bwin will actually give you the best price that ends up emerging. So instead of taking the horse at 5.0 odds, you will then be taking the horse at 9.0 odds, and you won't even need to lift a finger.

This can be combined with other Bwin Grand National offers to dramatically increase the value of your bets. In fact, this is something that we would definitely encourage you to do.

Grand National specials

Some of you might not think that this comes under the category of Grand National betting offers. And to some extent, we wouldn't argue against this viewpoint. However, we believe that this is a special offer from Bwin, and it allows you to make a wager on markets that you will not find in the mainstream options. For example, you might be able to pick the winning trainer, the winning jockey, what might happen in the race, and a whole range of other outcomes may be listed and open for wagers. Currently, there are multiple Grand National specials listed on the site.

And as we have also seen with other top-level bookmakers, the odds for these special markets are usually very attractive. So if you manage to grab a unique market that pulls through, the returns could be significant. Once again, we’d like to point out that nothing is guaranteed.

Additional features to go with the Grand National betting offers at Bwin

Since we've now taken you through the main details relating to Bwin Grand National offers, it’s important to give you an idea of the type of features you can expect to find also. After all, great bonuses would be nothing if they weren’t backed up by a quality site. And ideally, you want to wager with platforms that are loaded with premium features. On that note, check out the top features available on the Bwin site right now:

Live streaming

Being able to live stream various sporting events is a feature that many punters look for. And with Bwin, you certainly will not be disappointed by the quality of this feature. Of course, Bwin will be covering the Grand National. This means that when you are logged in to your account, you will be able to watch the action. All you have to do is hit the play button next to the event and the stream will immediately begin. There is a condition, however, and this condition is that you must have a funded account to view live events.

You can also redeem the various Bwin Grand National offers while accessing streaming. Some people believe that accessing multiple promotions will limit the resources they can access in their accounts. But we can assure you that this isn’t the case. Bwin offers streaming free of charge, and you can even watch the race from your smartphone.

Acca builder

Although accumulator wagers are part of the Grand National betting offers seen with Bwin, there is an additional feature we’d also like to point out. As you can see, the feature we are referencing here is known as the acca builder. This is essentially a tool that you can use to combine your preferred markets into one long accumulator. By accessing the tool, you can apply various filters and even see the form of different horses before making your decision. For us, this provides an efficient and valuable system for those who wish to make such bets.

You can even use the tool alongside the Bwin Grand National offers that relate to accumulators too. This should make things even easier.

Edit my bet

Have you ever had that feeling where you’ve placed a bet and then instantly regretted your decision? We've all been there. And that is why we believe that the ‘edit my bet’ feature is such a handy tool to have at your disposal. By using this feature, you can remove certain selections from your bet. You can add additional markets if you wish. And at the same time, you can actually use it for both pre-race and in-play bets. This shows that this is also a very flexible tool.


Before we discuss cashouts and how they can be used with Bwin, we must point out one thing. The various incentives you get through the Bwin Grand National offers won’t necessarily be eligible for cashouts. This is something that is very common with online bookmakers, especially concerning promotions. So for that reason, we would encourage you to do your homework before making any assumptions on whether your bet is eligible for cashouts. With that cleared up, let us now show you the value of this tool.

If you have made a wager and things are going your way, Bwin is likely to offer you a cash-out option. This will be less than the potential returns of the bet. But at the same time, if you do take the offer, you can guarantee whatever profit you see on the screen. Whether you do take the offer or not, however, is completely your choice.

Odds boosts

The value of this feature speaks for itself in all honesty. Looking at the current Grand National markets at Bwin, there are many options where the price has been given a kick. In some instances, the value of the odds have been increased by 10% or even more. To give that some perspective, if your potential profit was £100 through the original odds, you’d then get an additional £10 (potential) without increasing your stake. That’s assuming that the odds were boosted by exactly 10%.

The only downside to this really is that you cannot manually boost the odds. This is something that can be done with other bookmakers.

FAQs on the Bwin Grand National Offers

Where can I find the T&Cs for the Grand National betting offers at Bwin?

For each of the bonuses listed with Bwin, there is a link to the terms and conditions. This is found on the main site.

Will there be more Bwin Grand National offers between now and the event?

We expect that more Grand National betting offers will emerge, yes. However, we obviously cannot say for sure.

How do I know which Grand National betting offers I am eligible for?

Easy – you are eligible for the sign-up bonus only if you are a brand new customer. If not, you will be eligible for all other bonuses mentioned.

Do I have to verify my account before accessing these offers?

It is not necessary to verify your account before grabbing these bonuses, no.

Do I have to apply a bonus code when signing up to grab these deals?

No. Unlike other betting sites, you don’t need to use a bonus code to qualify for the offer.

Can I use the Bwin Grand National offers for the ante-post markets?

Unless stated otherwise, you can use the offers for the ante-post markets, yes.

Is there any risk associated with the sign-up bonus?

Not really, as you are offered 100% protection against a loss on your initial £20 bet.

Is there a way I can be notified should fresh Bwin Grand National offers arise?

Yes. You can turn on push notifications from the app if you choose to download it. Alternatively, you can opt-in for marketing communications through either email or SMS.