Bradley Barcola transfer fee: Full details of the PSG deal

Bradley Barcola has been an in-demand player this summer, there is no denying that. The French international has been linked to all kinds of top-tier clubs too, yet it looks like he has finally had his wishes granted – just in the nick of time. That’s right, Barcola has officially moved from being one of the PSG transfer targets to a confirmed signing ahead of the 2023/2024 season. And he will be looking to get out of the blocks quickly in Paris, that I’m sure of.

Bradley Barcola Transfer Fee

As you might be aware, this 20-year-old winger was being scouted by numerous teams in recent weeks and months. Yet Bradley Barcola always made his preferred destination clear – he wanted to be a PSG man. And now that the Bradley Barcola transfer fee has been agreed with Lyon, he is heading to the French capital to begin a new chapter in his professional career. This deal was only completed on August 31st, meaning that it was done within the last 24 hours, at the time of writing.

And regarding the finer details like the Bradley Barcola transfer fee, contract length, and more, I’ve got the specifics for you right here.

The Barcola transfer fee paid by PSG

Of course, the main thing that everyone wants to know when any transfer is completed is what kind of money is involved. Therefore, let me begin by sharing the Bradley Barcola transfer fee that was stumped up by PSG and paid to Lyon. As per the official transfer figures, PSG paid €45 million to sign Bradley Barcola from Lyon, which puts Barcola as the joint third most expensive signing of the summer for PSG. This figure is only narrowly behind the two most expensive signings – Ousmane Dembele (€50 million) and Manuel Ugarte (€60 million).

Barcola’s contract length

Now that you are aware of the Bradley Barcola transfer fee, how about the contract length that he has signed at PSG? Well, Barcola has signed an initial five-year deal with PSG, which will see him at the club until the conclusion of the 27/28 season. At this point, Barcola will be 25 years of age, and ideally, PSG will benefit greatly from bringing him into the squad over this five-year period. 

Where he will fit in with the PSG squad

Given that Bradley Barcola plays as a forward or even a winger, mainly on the right-hand side of the pitch, many PSG fans view him as a replacement for Neymar. Of course, he might not have the same stature and abilities as Neymar for the moment, but over time, his talent could see him reach similar heights as the Brazilian. And finally, with Bradley Barcola now a confirmed signing, make sure you look out for the number 29 shirt on the field!