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Betfair Cheltenham Offers 2023: Get £40 in Bonus

the Betfair Cheltenham offers for the Cheltenham festival give new customers a bonus of £40 with a deposit of £20. This four-day festival is full of grade one races to bet on, and the gold cup is not one to pass upon.

Betfair Cheltenham Offers Overview – 2023

Technically speaking, the offer is categorized as a Betfair sign up offer, but all free bets can be used for Cheltenham. This means that brand new customers are eligible to claim the offer. In terms of how the offer operates, you can sign up and redeem as much as £40 worth of bonus.

Betfair is blossoming once again in the bonuses department for the Cheltenham Festival. With the regular welcome offer stated above, combined with the Betfair Cheltenham offers below, you’ve got plenty to take advantage of for the racing this year.

£10 Free Bet After £10 in Multiples

This particular bonus is reserved for day one of the events. And as stated, if you make £10 worth of multiples bets on Tuesday, you’ll be given a £10 free bet. This offer can be claimed from March 13th – just one day before the 2023 festival begins.

£2 Free Bet for Cheltenham Multiples

If you’re not overly crazy about Betfair Cheltenham offers that require an investment, this is the one for you. From Saturday, March 11th onwards, you can lock in a £2 free bet for any race you like during the Cheltenham Festival. The only requirement for this bet is that you back a market with odds greater than 1.50, which isn’t all that difficult for horse racing.

betfair Cheltenham offer

This is obviously pretty significant compared with other Cheltenham betting offers. With that said, there are a few important things you need to pay attention to in order to redeem the offer.

Just note that this bonus relates to the main sportsbook, not the exchange. You needn’t worry about entering any kind of Betfair promo code to receive this offer either. All you need to do is follow the provided links and open a new account. Finally, make sure that when you process your deposits you use a debit card. Other payment methods have been excluded from counting towards the bonus, so it's better to play it safe.

Cheltenham Festival Key Races

After you follow the steps mentioned above to claim the Betfair Cheltenham offer, you may then be wondering about how you should use your free bet tokens. After all, the four-day festival is home to a series of exciting races. But in our opinion, if you are to get the most out of the offer, you will want to place your free bets on some of the more prestigious grade 1 events. These are detailed for you below:

Cheltenham Gold Cup

Of all the grade 1 races that the Cheltenham Festival is home to, this one is the largest. The Cheltenham Gold Cup is the most valuable non-handicap steeplechase race that is held in the UK. But if you want to bet on this one, you will need to wait for the final day of the festival. As you can see, they have saved the best for last here, which isn’t a bad thing! The Cheltenham Gold Cup is a bit of a mammoth event as well. Horses must cover more than 5 km during the race, and they must leap over a total of 22 fences.

Needless to say, this kind, of course, would challenge even the most experienced jockeys. And for the jockey that manages to cross the finish line in first place, there is more than £250,000 in prizes available. Keep in mind that other Betfair Cheltenham promotions will be whipped up for this one too since it is the largest of all the races mentioned. This year’s lineup sees horses like Galopin Des Champs, Bravemansgame, and last year’s winner, A Plus Tard bidding for a big G1 victory.

Stayers’ Hurdle

The Stayers’ Hurdle is another grade 1 race that takes place during the Cheltenham Festival. This is a long-distance race involving just over 3 miles of track for the horses to cover. Since this one is a National Hunt hurdle race, there are obviously hurdles involved as well. In fact, the participants must make it over 12 hurdles in total, which adds another exciting element to the race. There is some serious money on the table for people who compete in this event as well. Looking at the 2021 prize purse, a total of £240,000 was split between the competitors.

Sure, this isn’t as large as the Gold Cup, but it’s still significant. And historically, the Stayers’ Hurdle has seen some surprise winners in recent years. In 2020, Lisnagar Oscar won the race at 50/1. In 2021, Flooring Porter won the race on 12/1. And if you look even further back, these outside horses have done rather well. So needless to say, you may want to shoot for an underdog with your Betfair Cheltenham offers for this event. The Stayers’ Hurdle promises to be a fascinating race this year. Marie’s Rock is hoping to grab another win on the Cheltenham course, and Blazing Khal is looking to win his first Grade One race. It should be a great contest to watch.

Queen Mother Champion Chase

The Queen Mother Champion Chase is typically held on the second day of the festival. This means that if you want to bet on this event with your Betfair Cheltenham offer, you can do so on Wednesday, March 16th. As you have probably guessed, the Queen Mother Champion Chase is also a grade 1 event. With a nice royal touch to it, both competitors and sports fans love watching this one unfold. It is actually a much shorter race compared to some of the others, however, as it is held over the course of 2 miles (approximately).

Betfair cheltenham offer

Much like so many other races at the Cheltenham Festival, the Queen Mother Champion Chase is actually a National Hunt steeplechase event. Due to this, horses must make it over 13 fences on their way to the finish line. And in terms of the prize money, around £300,000 was split between competitors in 2021. Therefore, we expect that the 2023 event will be even more valuable. Energumene won the Queen Mother Champion Chase in 2022, and he is in the lineup again for 2023 with odds of 3.00. However, it’s Edwardstone that has the highest price with odds of 2.75.

Champion Hurdle

If you want to bet on an exciting grade 1 event with your Betfair Cheltenham offer, the Champion Hurdle is definitely one to consider. Generally speaking, the Champion Hurdle takes place on the very first day of the four-day festival. The race itself is run over the course of 2+ miles, it has 8 hurdles to be jumped, and in a rather unique fashion, it is held on the old course at Cheltenham. This means that the race is somewhat more traditional than other grade one races held during the event. The Champion Hurdle is also the final leg of what is referred to as the Triple Crown of Hurdling.

This entire series is rather significant in the world of horse racing. And with this one being the final leg of the series, participants tend to go extra hard for the win. With it being a particularly large event, you can expect to access a range of Betfair Cheltenham promotions ahead of this one. Constitution Hill is bidding to make it five G1 wins on the bounce at the 2023 Champion Hurdle. And with odds of 1.33, it’s looking like the stars have aligned for this to happen.

Betfair Streaming Services

As exciting as it is to be able to access various Betfair Cheltenham offers for the festival, nothing quite beats being able to watch the races live. Of course, the Cheltenham Festival is available to watch on TV. However, there is no guarantee that you will be sitting at home while some of the larger races unfold. This is where live streaming through an online betting account is worth its weight in gold. Not all betting providers support live streaming for the Cheltenham Festival, but we are pleased to say that Betfair is one of them.

If you want to live stream any of the Cheltenham races, you simply need to log into your Betfair account. As the races draw nearer, you will be able to see a small play button next to the race. All you then need to do is actually tap that button and the video stream will commence. With that said, there are a couple of conditions that Betfair has in order for members to use this feature. The first condition is that you need to have money in your account. But failing that, Betfair will still let you watch the race if you have actually placed a bet on that particular event – which you may have already done with the Betfair Cheltenham offer anyway.

And finally, we’d like to stress that the Betfair streaming services can be accessed on mobile. This is perfect as it means you can view the events while out and about, so you needn’t be stuck at home to catch the action! Betfair has a tremendous mobile app you can download and access streaming through too. In all honesty, the app is preferable to the mobile site in terms of performance.

Betfair Live Betting for Cheltenham

With live streaming for the Cheltenham festival being supported at Betfair, it should come as no surprise to learn that live betting is also available. If you do want to engage in live betting on this platform, you will need to do so with your own cash. That's because the Betfair Cheltenham offer must be used on the pre-match markets only. So, unfortunately, you won't be able to use a free bet if you plan on making an in-play wager. With that said, there are many positives surrounding live betting for Cheltenham on the Betfair site.

betfair cheltenham offer

Based on years gone by, punters are usually able to access a wide range of markets once a race kicks off. Just keep in mind that with horse racing, especially for the races that are rather short, you will need to be very quick on the trigger if you are to get your bets placed. Obviously, the odds chop and change quite a bit based on what is occurring out there on the track. But this is actually what provides the value when making live bets for the Cheltenham Festival. The bet minimums also tend to be lower if you wait to make an in-play wager.

While pre-match markets require that you bet at least £1 for your bet to be accepted, you can make an in-play bet for as little as 10p. Of course, this shows that live betting is suitable for punters of all shapes and sizes regarding their available betting balance.

Betfair Cheltenham Offers – Betting Tips Available

Particularly for larger horse races, there are many betting platforms that provide free tips on what punters should be betting on. With that said, Betfair doesn't actually provide free betting tips on their site. In most cases, such features can be found through a blog or other interactive services. But Betfair does not seem to have these features, which may be somewhat disappointing for certain punters. However, there is a unique thing about the Betfair site that other platforms simply do not have.

If you flick over to the Betfair exchange, you can actually see how much money has been wagered on each market. So while no, you cannot access free betting tips, you can see what the most popular bets are for the Cheltenham Festival. Of course, it is completely up to you whether you then back these markets or not. But since this is always seen for the pre-match options, you can then use your Betfair Cheltenham offer to place a wager on any of the more popular options that you notice.

Again, it's completely your choice as to which race and which market you actually use your free bets for.

Key Betfair Cheltenham Promotions

Betfair is arguably the most popular betting exchange in the UK. And we can tell you now that this reputation didn’t occur by accident. Besides offering fantastic odds on all sports, combined with the huge Betfair Cheltenham offer, as well as back and lay bets through the exchange, other important features have helped Betfair to gain such popularity. Specifically for the Cheltenham Festival, we’d like to highlight some of the more important features that you can access:

Cash Out

If you have engaged in a bit of online betting before, you will have a good idea of what the cash out tool is. But if not, we can tell you that a cash-out tool lets you finish your bet prematurely. Obviously, when you place a wager, you will then be aware of the possible returns if this bet results in a win. However, this requires that you let your bet run through until the very end. If you choose to then make use of the cash-out tool, however, you can finish the bet before the end of the event. A similar betting option is given by SpreadEX Cheltenham Offer which you can also check out.

The reason you might want to do this is that you can then take an early, but smaller profit. With that said, the bet still needs to be looking like a winner before Betfair will offer a cashout for your bet. And keep in mind that if you are betting with the Betfair Cheltenham offer, you cannot cash out the bet.

Odds Boost

One of the main reasons people look to wager with betting exchanges is because the odds are generally much better than standard sportsbooks. Obviously, this is also true for the Betfair platform. But these guys do not like to settle for average it seems. In addition to offering valuable odds for the Cheltenham Festival, Betfair also has various markets where the odds have been given a boost. This means that the previous odds have been increased, which then increases as the potential return if you back that particular market.

The only catch with this feature is that Betfair selects the markets. So this means that you are restricted to some extent as to the flexibility of odds boosts on this site.

betfair cheltenham offer

Betfair Cheltenham Specials

It goes without saying that you can bet on a range of pre-race markets for all Cheltenham events at Betfair. But if you want to spice things up a little bit, there is also a bunch of markets known as Betfair Cheltenham specials. In most cases, these markets are not focused on any singular event or outcome. In fact, they often relate to a combination of markets in order to create the ‘specials’ element.

For example, there are various markets open right now such as a trainer to win at least a certain number of races, whether multiple jockeys will grab a win at the festival, and many others. The cool thing about betting on the specials is that the odds are generally pretty high as well. That's because various markets have been combined together.


Last but by no means least, Betfair has a section known as #OddsOnThat. This is actually where punters have requested certain markets for the Cheltenham Festival. Should Betfair be willing to then provide odds on that particular proposal, you will then find the markets within this section. An intriguing thing about this is that these markets have been created by Betfair members, instead of the platform itself choosing what to offer.

There can be some pretty weird and wonderful markets open in this section. With that said, you may not be able to use the Betfair Cheltenham offer for these options.

Betfair Cheltenham Offer Conclusion

In reality, the Betfair Cheltenham offer is one of the largest and most rewarding bonuses you can redeem ahead of this festival. There are very few providers that will let you kick things off with £100 in free bets. So for that reason alone, we have to give a very glowing review of the Betfair Cheltenham offer. Since this is then followed by a range of other promotions that can be redeemed for the festival, we must say that Betfair is a great choice should you fancy wagering at the 2023 Cheltenham Festival.

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Betfair sign up offer FAQ

Who can redeem the offer advertised?

The mentioned offer is open to all new Betfair customers. This means you must be signing up for the very first time.

Can I use the bonuses on any of the Cheltenham races?

Yes. We recommend using the bonus on the grade one races that we have already talked about. But if you want to use the bonus on other races, this is also fine.

When will the Cheltenham markets open up?

The ante-post markets are already open! But as for the official pre-race markets, they won’t be released until a week or so before the event.

Are there any risks associated with the Betfair Cheltenham offer?

The only risks here are the qualifying wagers. Those are the bets where you could lose, but with the free bets, even if they don’t come through – you’ll have lost nothing!