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The UK's best bingo apps 2021

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Online bingo has exploded in popularity over the last few years. the software used has allowed for the games to be quicker, better, and with more features than ever before. Of course, these are all great factors, but with more than 400 different sites that support online bingo in 2020, it can be hard to settle on the right brand. beyond that, your choice then gets even tougher when trying to source the best bingo apps.

That’s why we’ve put this article together, to show you what the very best bingo apps are right now. simply check the list below for full details:

Betfred – huge range with great quality

betfred bingo mobile

Betfred is well established and hugely popular in the UK, and with good reason. the quality of this site is just immense, and this is true for every single gaming category that it has, including online bingo. what's most impressive about the bingo selection at Betfred it's just how extensive it actually is, as there are few sites that even come close to the variety that Betfred has. with just shy of 10 games taking place every 5 minutes, along with low ticket prices and awesome side games, Betfred is a site that everybody should try!

To understand just how popular online bingo is with Betfred, you don't need to look much further than the number of players involved in every game. it is perfectly common to find hundreds of participants involved in the average bingo game at Betfred, which makes things competitive, but also highly enjoyable for everybody who takes part.


Coral – surprisingly extensive

coral bingo app

Coral offers much more variety compared to your average online bingo brand. unlike others that tend to focus on 90 ball and 75 ball games, coral offers these plus many variations for 80 ball and 30 ball too. this means that in terms of the range of options, coral is competing with some of the top bingo brands in today’s market. there’s often plenty of reload bonuses to be claimed with coral too, especially through its mobile app, where you can occasionally find mobile-exclusive offers.

To get started with some of the most exciting rooms, in our opinion, you should look into friends bingo, speedball, and free bingo bonanza.


Choosing the right bingo gaming app in 2020

What is the Best Bingo App? (UK list reviewed for [auto_last_update format="F Y" before=""])

Ease of use / interface

Whether you are brand new to the world of online bingo or you have plenty of experience in it, it's always a positive thing when a bingo app is easy to use. this doesn't just mean that an app has a nice layout either, for it also means that the app demonstrates quick loading speeds, as well as sharp visuals when you are actually playing the bingo games. it is important to make sure that all these factors are lined up and present on a site before registering.

Clarity of gameplay

Simply put, if the online bingo game that you are playing does not have sharp graphics and doesn't function well, you are not going to have a particularly great time. for that reason, it is always beneficial to ensure that your chosen site is using some of the best software available today, as this will bring you the best experience. if you are ever unsure about this feature, you can always check out a quick user-review of a brand before you sign up.


It’s one thing having ticket prices that carry a low-cost, but the truly enticing feature of an online bingo site is that it has large prizes. through the top bingo apps in the market, you might find yourself playing for hundreds and even thousands in prizes. some games even carry a unique jackpot if you can manage to obtain a full house within a set amount of calls, which of course, makes the overall game that much more exciting.


Concerning bonuses, you should always check what the welcome offer of a site is before you sign up. this is because the welcome offer is usually the largest bonus that you can get, but you should also make sure that it is easy to obtain, and that it is friendly on the wagering restrictions. beyond the initial welcome bonus, we would highly advise that you look into the ongoing promotions to ensure that you can extract as much value as possible. Check Gala Bingo Bonus for instance.

Range of bingo games

It goes without saying that the more variety you actually have, the more exciting your online bingo experience will be. it really is that simple, and at the absolute minimum, you should expect a site to have a significant range of 75 ball and 90 ball games. it is also encouraging if a site has different themes associated with these games too, as this will always keep things fresh and entertaining.

How to download the app and get started

What is the Best Bingo App? (UK list reviewed for [auto_last_update format="F Y" before=""])

Install the app

All of the best bingo sites tend to have an app that can be installed for ios or android. with that being said, you will need to go through the necessary download process to actually get the app onto your device. if you are using an ios phone, you can simply search for the app within the app store. if you have an android device, the simplest way to install the app is to download it directly from the mobile site of your chosen brand.

Register if you haven’t done so already

After filtering through the features that you are looking for and finding a site that you would like to sign up with, it's time to then register for a new account. this can be done through initially opening up the registration page through the relevant link, and after this, you will be asked to provide some key account details. this usually includes details such as your date of birth, name, contact, and of course, you need to make a new username with a password to access your account.

Opt-in for your welcome bonus

If you haven't had to opt-in for a welcome bonus during the registration process, it may be the case that you need to opt-in after you have signed in. this will always be highlighted within the terms and conditions of a welcome offer, but if you do need to opt-in, make sure that you do so within the allocated time period. failure to do so will mean that you miss out on the welcome offer, which is obviously not ideal.

Enjoy the site

all that's left to do after you have followed the steps that we have outlined above is to actually enjoy the site. to get the most out of your online bingo experience, we would encourage you to try out as many different versions of bingo as you can. this will help you to discover what games you prefer, and as always, never gamble more than you can afford to lose.

FAQ about how to pick up the top bingo app

Are online bingo games available 24 hours a day?

Yes – since the online bingo rooms that you can participate in all operate using software, you can enjoy these games 24-hours a day.

Is it easy to deposit funds into my account?

yes, and the very best bingo apps allow you to fund your account with a variety of methods. some of the more common methods that you can find include debit cards, bank transfers, prepaid cards, and e-wallets such as skrill or neteller.

Do these bingo apps have access to customer support?

Absolutely, it is possible to access customer support through the bingo apps that you can download. some of the more common methods to contact customer support teams include phone support, email, and live chat.

What is the minimum ticket price?

the lowest ticket price that you can purchase to enter an online bingo game is 1p, although sites will also have promotions where you can play certain bingo rooms free of charge. if this is the case, you will often see such games listed in the main bingo session.

Do all online bingo games have cash prizes?

yes, each of the bingo sites that we have listed has cash prizes for their online bingo games, and these cash prizes can range from a few pounds into the hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

What are the more common forms of online bingo?

some of the more common types of bingo that you can play online include 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, although the more advanced sites tend to have many different options on the table as well.

Are there any key features to look out for?

absolutely, you should keep a close eye out for features such as in-game chat functionality, large cash prizes, specialty bingo games, and even unique bonuses available through the chat boxes.

Must I enter promo codes to claim bonuses?

if ever there is a promo code that you need to enter to claim a bonus, this will always be shown to you within the terms of conditions, and we will always outline this within our description of the offers.

Are all of these sites regulated and legal?

yes, all of the sites that we have mentioned in this article are fully regulated and legal in the uk market. this can be seen through the valid and up-to-date betting licences that each of these brands lists on their respective sites.

What are the requirements to create an account in the UK?

the requirements to open an online gambling account in the UK are that you must be 18 years of age and be a resident of the UK. providing that you meet these requirements, you will have no problems in opening a new online account.