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This is an English Premier League match that features 2 well-known teams that have been vastly underperforming this year. We know this is true at least for Arsenal. Leeds, according to some, is actually exceeding expectations by being a top-10 team.

This match has no title implications, no team is threatened with relegation and there are virtually no chances for either side to make it to the Top 4 or a Europa League spot. Still, we think it's going to be one of those interesting EPL matches that even has a chance to become a classic.

We can’t miss betting on it, so here goes.

Arsenal v Leeds: Our Experts top three predictions on the game

These are the three free predictions that we think to give us the best value. We also managed to find some pretty good odds so it's definitely worth taking a look at the table below.

Arsenal vs Leeds Predictions
Selection and best odds*
Bet here
Full-Time result
Draw @ 14/5
First half Goals
Over 1.5 @ 5/4
Time of first Goal Brackets
1-10 min @ 11/4
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Arsenal vs Leeds: How have both teams performed lately?

It is safe to say that both sides deserve their respective spots on the table. We haven't really seen anything from them to say that they should be placed higher or lower.

Arsenal had a good run but has the season come to an end?

Arsenal's Gabonese striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

It won’t be an overstatement to say that this season has been pretty bad for the Gunners. Yes, they managed to start 2021 with a bang managing to finish 7 games unbeaten. All of that came to a screeching halt when Arsenal lost two consecutive games to the Wolves and Aston Villa. Yes, in both matches the Gunners were the visiting team so their unbeaten home streak of 5 still stands. However, we don’t like the odds of ¾ for Arsenal to win at all and this is why we can’t bet that price.

Leeds is the synonym of average this year

By ”average” we don't mean to disrespect The Whites at all. It's just that their stats this season have been the dead center. They have scored 38 goals in the league and have conceded 38 as well. Out of 22 EPL matches, they have won 10 times and have lost, you guessed it, 10. The remaining two were draws.

It appears as if Leeds is not a team that draws a lot of games. This would be true as in their last 13 matches, they have had 7 victories and 6 losses. What we like about Leeds is the fact that they play attacking football, they score goals and they also concede.

Check out our top three free predictions on the Arsenal vs Leeds match

  1. Full-Time result: Draw @ 14/5
  2. First half Goals: Over 1.5 @ 5/4
  3. Time of first Goal Brackets: 1-10 min @ 11/4
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Full-Time result: Draw @ 14/5

This just seems like the logical outcome of the game. Leeds has generated only 2 draws this season while Arsenal has had 4. This is a perfect trend-breaker game as we think both teams will chase the victory relentlessly.

Leeds is a pretty good visiting team. Over their last 5 games, they have managed to get 3 victories, two of which came on the road. Arsenal is unbeaten at home in 2021 but they lost 2 in a row over the past two game weeks.

What we know for sure is that both sides will try to score early.

First half Goals: Over 1.5 @ 5/4

Our second tip suggests that there will be little tentativeness in the game. We think that if one team comes out ahead, the other will chase them back fiercely. In Leeds’ last 5 games, there has always been a 1st half goal regardless of which team scores it.

This bodes well for our prediction because we know that Arsenal will try to score an early goal to grab the lead. Since both sides got nothing to lose, it’s only logical to expect the other team to try and make the score even. If that doesn’t happen, playing aggressively may possibly open them up defensively thus making it possible for the score to become 2-0 in the first half. Either way, we win.

Time of first Goal Brackets: 1-10 min @ 11/4

This is an ambition prediction, but it falls in line with our prediction that there will be early goals in the match. We already mentioned that there has been a goal in the first half of each of Leeds’ last 5 matches. The important factor is that in each of those matches the first goal has come within the first 17th minutes or earlier.

With Arsenal, in three of their last 5 matches, the opener has come within 9 minutes. This gives us excellent value here and we all expect to see an early score.

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