7 Wonderkids That You Need To Sign on FIFA 17 – Part II

Back on launch day, we produced a list of seven fantastic prospects for your FIFA 17 career mode team. After a fortnight of playing, you’re probably ready for some more young gems. Welcome to part two of our wonderkids guide.

Whether you’re still ploughing on with the campaign you started two weeks ago, or are ready to start a new career altogether, these young stars are guaranteed to bolster your options. Not every selection will offer immediate success, but they all have the potential to become world-class superstars further down the line,

As long-term investments, they could be the key to sustained success for your virtual club.

REECE OXFORD – West Ham United

West Ham, Centre-back  

Age: 17Current Rating: 66
Potential Rating: 86
Value: £765k

Reece Oxford At Arsenal

West Ham’s highly talented youngster burst onto the scene at the start of 2015-16, and was a firm favourite for thousands of FIFA 16 managers. If you thought the teen sensation was an essential purchase last year, he’s a guaranteed signing in FIFA 17.

Oxford starts the career mode with a rating of 66, but he quickly climbs into the seventies and can eventually go on to reach a masculine 86. As well as being one of the best central defenders on the game, he additionally boasts all the attributes of an impressive defensive midfielder too.

Despite his age, Oxford’s physical stats aren’t too bad either. Most managers will find that they loan him out, or use him sporadically in the first season or two. Nevertheless, as has been the case in real life, the Englishman is more than capable of filling in when required.

Of all the wonderkids on FIFA 17, Oxford’s potential stats increase is the greatest. For that reason alone, he is a clear candidate for an early signing.


Shakhtar Donetsk, CAM

Age: 20
Current Rating: 75
Potential Rating: 87
Value: £5.4m


Having claimed the Golden Boot at the 2015 FIFA U20 World Cup, Kovalenko was a star of the future on FIFA 16 as he boasted the ability to reach a rating of up to 86. The Ukrainian can go one better on FIFA 17; better still, he can achieve it far sooner too.

The Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder has emerged as a regular starter for both club and country in 2016, and his starter rating of 75 means that he can make an immediate impact for most FIFA 17 clubs too. He might not be your biggest star in those opening seasons, but his healthy stats in the skills and movement department ensure that he can play a role.

At 6ft, the midfielder is already physically powerful enough to compete and will only grow further as the seasons progress. With a four-star rating on his weaker left foot too, Kovalenko can become the creative star that you eventually build your entire team around.

You might need to pay a decent amount of money for him, but managers of most decent teams will have no problem persuading him to join.


Real Betis, Centre-forward

Age: 20
Current Rating: 79
Potential Rating: 88
Value: £10.1m


As a FIFA manager, there’s no greater joy than unearthing a wonderkid that can become your star striker for the best part of a decade, and anyone that played FIFA 16 will confirm that Antonio Sanabria was the perfect addition in last year’s game. Nothing has changed in this year’s edition as he remains one of the best young strikers that you could ever hope to buy.

The Paraguayan scored 11 times on loan at Gijon last term before completing a permanent move from Roma to Real Betis, and big things are expected of the 5ft 11in star. Those sentiments are certainly reflected on this year’s game.

Sanabria’s starting stats have been boosted to a far healthier 79 this time around. While he had the potential to go one better on FIFA 16, reaching a top rating of 89, this year’s potential of 88 will allow you to score goals for fun with the former Barcelona prodigy. The fact that his finishing stat begins at 80 should let you do this even from the very first season.

He can operate from the left-wing too but, in truth, you’d be a fool not to use him in his preferred role. With the right service, he’ll be finding the target time and time again – you best start practicing those celebrations.


AS Monaco, Right-midfield 

Age: 20
Current Rating: 78
Potential Rating: 87
Value: £9.4m


When looking for valuable additions to the wide areas, AS Monaco is the place to be on FIFA 17. While upcoming teen sensation Kylian Mbappe-Lottin is the perfect long-term investment on the left, compatriot Lemar is an ideal immediate solution for any problems you may have on the right.

Given that the 20-year-old Frenchman starts with a rating of 78, it’s no surprise to learn that you’ll have to pay for him. However, he’s no more expensive than a lot of other midfielders of a similar rating. Unlike the vast majority of 78ers, though, Lemar can become a superstar.

An acceleration of 82, combined with 80 for dribbling, makes him a very tricky option out wide. Meanwhile, he has the versatility to operate from the left or in the central areas too. With this in mind, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to afford him the game time needed to reach that world-class rating of 87.

By the time you reach your third or fourth season, he’ll be a key member of any side. Given that you’ll have at least another six years to enjoy the peak of his powers, Lemar is the perfect addition for any career mode manager.


Arsenal, Right-back 

Age: 21
Current Rating: 79
Potential Rating: 87
Value: £9.4m

Hector Bellerin

Many Arsenal fans would argue that their rapid Spanish full-back is already the best right-back on the planet. While there are a handful that are probably a little ahead of Bellerin right now, there’s no doubt that he has the potential to be a world-class star. On FIFA 17, he can become the best right-back on the game.

With a starting rating of 79, Bellerin would walk into most teams from day one. In addition to being one of the quickest players on the game, his standing tackling attribute is 77 while his slide tackle is 75. His strength is a little disappointing, but it shouldn’t be exposed too often out wide.

Assuming he doesn’t get injured, Bellerin will be in the eighties in time for your second season. With another decade to play before his stats decline, he’s well worth the investment – even when Arsenal try to resist the sale.

A lot of FIFA players have argued that he should be rated around the 81 or 82 mark already. Once he reaches his full potential, that slightly harsh rating won’t bother you in the slightest.


Borussia Monchengladbach, Centre-midfield 

Age: 20
Current Rating: 78
Potential Rating: 88
Value: £11.2m

Mahmoud Dahoud, Borussia Moenchengladbach

Back on FIFA 16, Dahoud started as a bang average CDM who had the potential to become a world beater. After a brilliant season in the Bundesliga last term, he starts the FIFA 17 career mode as a far more accomplished player – and he still has the potential to become magnificent.

This year, Dahoud is slightly better suited to a central midfield role, although he is more than capable of playing the slightly deeper role. With a value of £11.2m, it’s going to take a big bid to tempt the Germans into selling. Having said that, if you can complete the move, it’ll be one of the best deals of your entire virtual management career.

Unlike the majority of young players, Dahoud has the stamina to play regularly without dipping in form. Moreover, a dribbling rating of 82 supplements fantastic control and passing stats to make him the perfect player to sit in the middle of your team for many, many seasons.

If you are planning to play him early on, however, you’ll probably want to stick him alongside someone with great physical strength. After all, Dahoud’s starts at just 58; thankfully, he gets a lot stronger with age


Ajax, Right-wing

Age: 18
Current Rating: 69
Potential Rating: 86
Value: £1.4m


Ajax’s upcoming teen star may have only played a handful of first team matches at the Amsterdam Arena, but he is already well known to fans in the Netherlands. Most FIFA 17 managers will know all about soon enough too. Once he reaches his peak, the Czech youngster becomes a beast.

Movement aside, Cerny’s starting stats are fairly modest. However, the combination of 87 for acceleration and 84 for sprint speed will allow you to utilise him as an impact sub almost immediately.

Moreover, he’s capable of playing on the left flank too. Nevertheless, his attributes are best suited to cutting in from the right to shoot with his stronger left foot. By the time his shooting talents reach their peak, this will become one of the greatest weapons in your team’s arsenal.

All FIFA 17 managers love a bargain. Even after you’ve negotiated a price with Ajax, you’ll be paying very little for a player that can achieve such great things in the game. Furthermore, if you manage a team in one of the big leagues, the player will be eager to sign too. Quite simply, he is one of the greatest gems you’ll ever discover.

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