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Chelsea fans know the story too well at the moment. The Blues’ transfer model since Roman Abramovich has taken over has worked, giving them their greatest success at any point in their history.

But that doesn’t mean that some players haven’t slipped through the net.

Kevin De Bruyne is on track for a quadruple at Manchester City, with the Belgian midfielder pulling the strings for Pep Guardiola’s side as they look unstoppable.

Mohamed Salah is also another former Blue lighting up the Premier League this season. Like De Bruyne, he was written off as a Chelsea flop, but has returned to England much better than before, with 22 league goals so far this season for Liverpool and we’re only in February.

It’s not just the Blues who have let players leave before they’ve become big stars. But inspired by De Bruyne, we’ve had a look at seven situations where massive clubs have sold players only to surely regret it a few years down the line when they become superstars.

Watch the video at the top of the page to see who we’ve identified. Sorry Chelsea fans, it may not only be your side who’ve made mistakes in the transfer market in recent years, but you do feature a lot.

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