Western United has signed some decent names in the past, but few have brought the same levels of excitement as this one. Rene Krhin has been one of the great players of Europe in years gone by. To name a few of his achievements, he has won the Champions League, Coppa Italia, and Serie A – all with Inter Milan in 2009. This is the club where he enjoyed the most success, and under the guidance of a certain Jose Mourinho, he grew his game to become one of the most sought after midfielders in the sport.

Rene Krhin to Western United – a breakdown of this historic move

Fast forward to more than a decade later, now aged 31, Krhin is coming to Western United for a new challenge in the A-League. And it’s fair to say, fans of Western United are fairly pumped for his arrival. For further details on this move, however, keep reading!

A blow by blow of the deal

Managerial thoughts

It goes without saying that the manager of a team always has a lot of influence over the ultimate decision for signing a player. And in the case of Rene Krhin, Wester United’s manager has been quite outspoken about his reasons for hunting down the experienced Slovenian, which adds substance to the surrounding transfer news, of course. The most famous of these quotes is that the manager claims that Krhin has ‘pedigree’ in the game, and when you look at what he has achieved throughout his career, this is more than a fair comment. He’s a winner of the biggest tournament in Europe, he’s been coached by one of the best managers of all time, and he’s played on stages as big as the World Cup.

But it’s not just his historical background that justified the transfer, according to the manager. He claims that Krhin fits into Western United’s style of play and that his stature and skill will help them to do big things in midfield. Of course, all of this remains to be seen, but it’s certainly promising that the manager speaks so highly of Rene Krhin.

The signing fee

Sometimes with transfer news, details of the actual contract are made publicly available, whether through documents that get released or through press conferences. However, none of this information has yet been made public, which means that the signing fee to secure Krhin’s services is unknown to all of the media, the public, and anyone who hasn’t been directly involved in making the deal. It’s likely that details of this will be released over the coming weeks, but for now, that’s all we know.

However, if we had to make an estimate, a signing that is as high-profile as this one, we wouldn’t be surprised if the deal consisted of a seven-figure sum. We all know Western United has the financial capacity to make this kind of deal happen, and since they don’t have loads of players on enormous weekly wagers, a fair chunk of cash could have been put aside for this one.

Rene Krhin to Western United

Krhin’s potential contributions

Now let’s get into some details on what Krhin could actually do for the club, and how this might impact their success in the A-League. Focusing on Krhin’s style of play, first of all, he is a tall, strong midfielder who tends to play in a central position. This means he needs to get stuck in with tackles, look for creative passes to build up potential attacking plays, and hold up the ball when necessary. Luckily, he is fully capable of executing on all of these needs, hence the signing of a guy like, to begin with! And while we believe he might not be as energetic as some of the younger guys, he is certainly going to make intelligent plays.

We must also mention how versatile Krhin is on the pitch. Sure, he’s able to place precise passes out to the wings and hold up the ball, but he has another element to his game that will help Western United out, and that is his attacking abilities. He’s not a natural-born goalscorer, just to clear that up, but he is excellent when it comes to pushing forward and getting the ball into dangerous areas. This is usually through quick interplays with his teammates, but he has been known to drive out wide and whip the ball in for strikers too.

Since Western United is also equipped with other guys like Lacroix, he should thrive in what he has to work with on the pitch.

His likely role in the squad

Now that the move of Rene Krhin to Western United is in progress, we’d like to finish up by discussing his potential role in the squad. We’ve discussed his potential contributions above, but now let’s focus on what his role will be and how he will play it. Assuming he remains fit and healthy, we thoroughly expect that Krhin will be listed in the starting 11 for most games, especially since there are many guys with younger legs ready to come and replace him off the bench if necessary. We also expect that the manager will put him in his preferred role as a central midfielder since he doesn’t have the magnificent pace to justify playing as a winger.

So while this takes care of his actual position on the pitch, we do believe that the manager will get him involved in other plays too. Specifically, we feel that since he is 6ft 2 inches tall, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was a target man for corners, even if he hasn’t strictly played that role at previous clubs. As for free kicks, we don’t think that he will be a key kick taker when the ball is in a dangerous position. But should Western United get free kicks where it’s more beneficial to cross the ball into the box, he could be assigned to this.

Only the next few weeks will reveal exactly what Western United has in store for Rene Krhin, and we will be watching all updates very closely.

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