Having finished as last season's runners up, Sydney FC certainly has a point to prove this coming season. They came so agonizingly close last year too, which makes the Sydney FC transfer news particularly intriguing right now. Sydney FC is making some major plays to improve in critical positions, and this could have made all the difference last season. Anyway – last season is in the past, and nobody can change it. Instead, all eyes are looking to the future.

Sydney FC Transfer News 2021/2022 Season

And on that note, we’d like to draw your attention to some big Sydney FC news that has taken place in this year's transfer window.

The top Sydney FC transfers you need to know about

Sydney FC, like all major A-League teams, has seen a fair few arrivals, as well as some sad departures in recent weeks/months. Of course, each transfer has happened for various reasons, and we’ve explained the more exciting ones right here.


At the time of writing, there have been five Sydney FC transfers in for the upcoming season. A few of these have been more significant than others, however, so let’s jump into these right now.

Max Burgess

Burgess has recently transferred in from Western United for a free transfer, and at aged 26, he is set to make a real impact. Burgess actually started his career with Sydney FC when he was just a boy, and although he played a few games, he wasn’t really ready for the big leagues at that point. But now, the manager really feels he is, and he will be taking up the attacking midfield role for the new season.

Elvis Kamsoba

Sydney FC Transfer News: Elvis Kamsoba

Kamsoba has recently come in from Melbourne, and he is a rather electrifying winger when he gets into top gear. It’s not just his speed that has attracted the attention of Sydney FC either, it’s also his ability to score goals – finishing as Melbourne City’s joint top scorer last season. He has an uncanny ability to open up space down the wing and then cutting inside with his terrific skill, before ultimately pulling the trigger towards goal. He has actually signed on a two-year deal too, so Sydney FC will get plenty of action from the young winger.

James Donachie

Switching things up from attack to defence now, we have James Donachie, an experienced centre back who has been snapped up from the Newcastle Jets. Now, the reason we say that Donachie is experienced is that he has actually lifted the A-League trophy twice in his career. Perhaps this is the kind of experience that was missing last season? Regardless, he will provide Sydney FC with a solid defensive line, and this is one of the most talked-about moves of all the Sydney FC transfer news this season.


Naturally, when players come in, players also go out. And with that said, Sydney FC has lost a few respectable names within this transfer window:

Luke Ivanovic

Luke Ivanovic is a guy that has shown lots of potential during his short time at Sydney FC. But it was no great secret that he wanted to see more action on the pitch, and since he’s still just 21 years of age, the club has met his wishes and allowed him to transfer. He has taken his talents to Brisbane Roar for the 21/22 season, with the goal of making the first team on a more regular basis. This move was completed without any fee involved, and the natural replacement for Ivanovic would be Kamsoba if he was making the starting 11 that is.

Ryan McGowan

Sydney FC Transfer News: Ryan McGowan

McGowan is an experienced centre back who has been huge for Sydney FC in years gone by. He has won plenty of silverware in a Sydney FC jersey, and out of the various moves we’ve discussed here, this one was particularly surprising. In fact, looking at various Sydney FC transfer news articles we’ve seen that the manager actually wanted McGowan to stay. Then again, he has been offered a big-money contract in the middle east, which he has decided to go for.

Alexander Baumjohann

Baumjohann has been another pivotal player for Sydney FC, mainly in his role as an attacking midfielder. But since he is now approaching his mid-30s, the club apparently felt that he would no longer produce the results he had done in the past. While both parties have agreed to the release clause, Baumjohann does not yet have another club lined up, making him a free agent. We wouldn’t be surprised if he went to another A-League team, although there hasn’t been any Sydney FC news to indicate that this is in the pipeline.

He may even return back to Germany to finish out his career there, who really knows?

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