New A-League kits for 2021/22 Season

Are you curious as to why the A-League jerseys 2021 are the way they are? Ever stopped to think about why those colours or what they represent? Or maybe you’re just a fan of talking about fashions in soccer? Whatever your reasons for wanting to find out more about new A-League kits, we’ve got you covered by discussing details of the kits for each team below.

Breaking down every new A-League kit for the 21/22 season 

Adelaide United

Even if you’re not a fan of the kit itself, you’ve got to admire the way that Adelaide United revealed their kit for the 21/22 season. You could say that they got down in the trenches, by heading out onto the streets of Adelaide and sharing their new kit with the city – in a much more personal manner than others. The home kit is completely red, whereas the away kit is more of a navy blue colour. Who knows whether the red is designed to indicate a bit of danger to visiting teams?

Whatever the reasons, for all the new A-League jerseys 2021/22, this one has gone down very well with local fans.

Source: Twitter @AdelaideUnited

Brisbane Roar

Brisbane Roar certainly got a nice jump on kit reveals for 21/22, as these guys released their kit all the way back in July. Other teams didn’t release their kits until September, so it’s fair to say that the team behind the kit design and launch were pretty on the ball. All three shirts that Brisbane has created for the upcoming season boast white, black, and orange colours, which ensure that the team stays true to their roots from previous seasons too.

Brisbane actually cemented a deal with New Balance to create this kit, and we must say, these shirts are some of the most vibrant of all A-League jerseys 2021. You certainly won’t have a hard time seeing the players on the pitch – put it that way!

Central Coast Mariners

Much like some of the other teams mentioned here, Central Coast Mariners will be releasing three kits for the 2021 A-League season. There is a white and yellow kit displaying a thick blue section running along the chest line, and for the neutral kit, this one is entirely blue. One can’t help but view the blue section as a sign of unity for the club, and the kit has been created thanks to a partnership with Paladin Sports. The kit was even advertised with the hashtag – won’t back down, which gives you an idea of the attitudes at this club for the 21/22 season.

Macarthur FC

Of the many new A-League kits discussed here, the Macarthur jersey is certainly a little more crowded than others. The home kit is somewhat of a fluorescent colour, which makes it pretty vibrant, and then you’ve got the traditional black stripes coming down from the shoulder line – giving the kit a nice bit of flair. As for the away kit, Macarthur FC has a bit of meaning behind the colour and design.

In the release of their jersey, Macarthur stated that the kit was there to pay tribute and honour the local indigenous people, something which we feel is a strong message for all of Australia. So for us, of the many A-League jerseys 2021/22 currently shown, this is one of the most thoughtful and respectful.

Melbourne City FC

Source: Twitter @MelbourneCity

Now we arrive at the current A-League Champions, Melbourne City FC. These guys have an immense fan following, as you probably already know, so there was a fair bit of pressure behind the release of this jersey. And now that we've seen it, we’d say that the team has done a terrific job in supplying a well-designed, eye-catching jersey for both home and away kits. Like in previous seasons, Melbourne City has gone for a baby blue home kit and bright green away kit, although there is now the third kit on the horizon – boasting red and white colours.

This has never been seen before at Melbourne City FC, although it remains to be seen whether the fans adore the fresh colour blend or not!

Melbourne Victory

What we love about Melbourne Victory is that they are one of the few clubs that have incorporated their logo into the design of the shirt. As you’ll see for both home and away kits, there is a huge V going from shoulder to shoulder and across the chest. And since the colours of both kits are different, with one being blue and one being white, so too are the colours of the V different. This makes each shirt feel nice and unique, and the fluorescent symbols on the shirt sleeves are also a nice touch.

Interestingly, Melbourne Victory has turned its back on Adidas for this season and chosen to go with Macron. And from what we’ve seen, this looks like a decent move.

Newcastle Jets

The Newcastle Jets have truly gone back to basics with their new 21/22 kits. If you’re a fan, you may know that gold has always been floating around the team's jerseys in one way or another. However, it’s been over a decade since the jersey was designed with gold as the primary shirt colour – hence the new slogan, ‘bounded by gold’. When you compare this shirt design to other, new A-League kits, we’d say that this one feels more vintage, which is not a bad thing at all.

In fact, the combination of colours on this jersey looks fantastic, and the players will no doubt be hoping that their performances match the quality of the shirt going forward.

Perth Glory

Perth Glory is celebrating quite a milestone this season, having been founded 25 years ago. This has stimulated thoughts of paying tribute to the early days within the design team, as seen with the 1996 orange trimmings on the shirt sleeves. This is only true for the home kit, however, as the away kit, in contrast, looks incredibly modern and quite slick. Both kits are loaded up with a pretty cool diagonal striped pattern as well, which ensures that the kit doesn’t feel too plain!

Although we must say, there aren’t many A-League jerseys 2021 that have gone for such a dark purple, so you’ll either love or loathe the home jersey here.

Sydney FC

Compared to other new A-League kits, Sydney FC has opted for simplicity rather than trying to create something extraordinary. But don’t be confused here – simplicity does not indicate subpar quality. In fact, we are big fans of the sky-blue home kit, and the switch up to white and dark blue for the away kit keeps things interesting. With that said, our favourite kit from Sydney FC is actually the neutral kit. This one boasts a cool fade of purple colourings which the club states is supposed to symbolise the intense summer storms that Sydney is known for.

Then again, you could say that the storm indicates the intensity at which Sydney FC plays the game.

Source: Twitter @SydneyFC

Wellington Phoenix

Wellington has decided to keep a similar design for their away kit this season, boasting the trademark ‘aqua blue’ colours that led to record shirt sales! As for the home kit, we are big fans of the vibrant yellow combined with the dark stripes running down from each shoulder. It’s also quite unique that the jersey has a separating yellow block in the centre, which makes the design stand out from others – all thanks to the design efforts of Paladin Sports. We will have to see whether these fresh designs lead to another record-breaking season of shirt sales, however.

Western Sydney Wanderers

As many of you may know, Western Sydney Wanderers is a relatively new team compared with the others. They are now entering their 10th season in the A-League, which has been reflected in their brand new shirt design – showing 10 hoops to represent this birthday. The club is even referring to this as ‘Season X’, and they’ve even switched up the kit entirely to go back to a vintage design and shirt badge. Mind you, the trademark red and black design is still firmly in place, and their sponsor, Kappa, is embedded on the chest in shimmering gold.

Western United FC

Finally, the Western United FC kit is another result of the design team at Kappa, much like the Western Sydney Wanderers jersey above. The home jersey has a fairly standard pattern of green and black stripes, with a nice black trim around the bottom of the shirt. However, in all honesty, we prefer the away kit. This one is predominantly white, but the green and black stripes running up the middle in a somewhat ‘spray paint’ style looks awesome. The club has even voiced that this was deliberate to give the shirt a more youthful appeal, and we would say that they’ve delivered on their objective.

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