Neds and Bluebet are two platforms with excellent mobile offerings. But what’s the difference between the Bluebet app and the Neds app? Here are the details.

Neds app vs Bluebet app comparison – which should you choose?

Comparing the Neds vs Bluebet AppsNeds AppBluebet App
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General Design A better app design Easy to Navigate
Sports Coverage Diverse offering Better range of sports
Sports betting markets Great diversity Very diverse like Neds
Overall App Performance Very user-friendly Sharp & Responsive

Both Neds and Bluebet are two leading betting brands in the Australian market. So naturally, punters are eager to get signed up and see what all the fuss is about. But specifically, punters are looking to see whether the Bluebet app or the Neds app has enough for them to have a great mobile betting experience. We completely understand this quest for information, which is why we’ve reviewed both of these platforms right here.

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Neds – powerful racing betting app

There are many sports that are particularly popular with Australian punters, but horse racing, as well as greyhound racing arguably take the trophy. This is where the Neds app starts to excel compared with the rest of the crowd, for the app covers hundreds of different racing events on a weekly basis. The app is currently available to download on iOS and Android devices, and we must say, it is clear that the development team has taken significant care and paid great attention to put together an awesome layout with great visuals.

Neds App

Not only can you place bets with the touch of a button on this app, but you can also see all upcoming races in a timetable, and this helps you plan your betting activities. You can also see recent statistics and results, which should serve as a handy guide if you are not sure what to bet on. In terms of how this app shapes up against the Bluebet app, however, it's obvious that Neds doesn't have quite the same diversity.

While Bluebet covers many different sports on the app, Neds has clearly focused on the racing market. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is a clear difference between the two apps. It's also rather cool that Neds lets you filter through to particular markets based on certain parameters, and then you can place either single or parlay bets with ease. Neds not only has a great app but they are also one of the best betting sites in Australia.

Bluebet – crisp, professional, with decent sports coverage

In contrast to the Neds app, the Bluebet app doesn't necessarily have a strong focus on any particular sport. Instead, Bluebet has clearly cast a wider net in an attempt to maintain high quality across various sports. And when we say high quality, we are referencing the diversity of markets available, the overall coverage of sports, as well as the odds that you can lock in for various bets. This in itself shows that Bluebet might be better for punters who want to wager on many different events, although you could argue that this lack of any particular speciality might not appeal to some.

It all depends on what you are looking for really, although the Bluebet app does have other appealing features. For starters, you can often find creative futures markets on the app, which are events you can bet on well into the future. On top of this, Bluebet allows you to lock in same race parlay bets, which is where things can get really exciting.

And if you want to get really involved with the site, you can visit the blog directly from the Bluebet app. Within this blog you will see articles on upcoming events, betting predictions, and you'll even find pieces relating to global sports news. All in all, Bluebet Australia clearly has a terrific native app.

Bluebet App

Choosing the right betting app – which features to assess on each app

General design

This might seem like an obvious one, but it's something that needs to be mentioned nonetheless. When comparing the Neds Australia mobile offering with Bluebet, we would argue that the Neds app has a better design. But with that said, both of the mobile apps are extremely professional and are easy to navigate thanks to condensed and clear menu items.

Coverage of your favourite sports

Since signing up with either of these sites indicates that you are looking to bet on sports, you may as well check that your favourite sports are covered! For example, if you are very eager to bet on Aussie Rules events, you’ll want to choose a platform that offers better coverage for this particular sport. This is true for all different sports that each platform covers, and to point you in the right direction, we would say that Bluebet Australia has a better range of sports across the board.

Range of markets

It’s not only the range of sports that you need to pay attention to, it's also the diversity of betting markets. If you think about it, if you could only ever bet on the same two or three markets, we can probably all agree that things could get boring pretty quickly. However, both the Bluebet and Neds betting offerings supply many different markets for key events, often supplying 50-100 markets for some of the higher-profile games.

Performance of the app

You could have the most attractive mobile app in the world, but if it doesn't perform well, you are not going to get much enjoyment from it. This goes without saying, and to be fair to both platforms, their respective apps perform excellently. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can load fresh pages almost instantly, and when you are scrolling through the betting markets, there is very little lag time. This shows that while the apps are both quite extensive in their offerings, they are both sharp and responsive.

Payment options

Last but not least, it is important to double-check that you can fund your account easily. It's quite easy to check this out as well since you only need to investigate what kind of payment methods are available on each app. Surprisingly, they do not differ all that much, with both apps allowing you to process transactions through options such as bank transfers, debit cards, and e-wallets.

Downloading these betting apps in the first place

Neds App vs Bluebet App

Find the right app for your device

Although both the Bluebet app and the Neds app support Android and iOS devices, you still need to download the right one for your device. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can easily access the App Store, search for the app you would like to download, and then it will appear. But if you have an Android device, it is much easier to actually visit the mobile sites from your device. You should be able to see a link to download the Android app, and you then need to trust the APK file to allow installation.

Download the app and open your account

Assuming you have found the right app and hit the download button, you will then need to wait a few moments for the app to actually load onto your device. If you have a strong internet connection, this will be completed within a matter of seconds. And once this step has been followed, you will need to open the app and find the registration link on the home page. After tapping this, you will be asked to provide a series of personal details, set up your security questions, and then complete your registration process.

Log in and browse around

Now that you have run through the first two steps, you are then ready to actually enjoy your account. Of course, this requires that you log in, and then you should be looking to make a deposit as soon as possible. Since both Neds and Bluebet are real money betting sites, you will need real money in your account to actually place a wager. We would also advise that you take this opportunity to browse around the two sites in order to get used to the navigation systems, and to understand what is available.

FAQs on these mobile apps

Am I eligible to download and sign up with these sites?

Your eligibility to download these apps and register for an online account is determined by your age and resident status in Australia. As you may already know, you need to be over the age of 18 to gamble in Australia, and you must be able to show proof of residency.

Can I use these betting apps from wherever I am?

Absolutely. One of the main benefits of downloading betting apps onto your smartphone device is so that you can place your wagers while on the move.

Are these apps secure?

Both of the apps discussed are highly secure. Naturally, those platforms are perfectly legal in Australia, but specifically for the apps, you can enable Face ID or Touch ID to log in, set up unique PIN numbers to log in, and more to keep your account safe.

Can I sign up with both platforms?

Absolutely. Rather than choosing between the platforms, it is easy to go ahead and sign up with both, and that way you get the best of both worlds!

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