Melbourne City FC Transfer News ahead of the 2021/22 Season

It’s always fascinating to see what transfers the current A-League champions decide to make. Given the huge success of the 20/21 season, we didn’t think that Melbourne City would switch things up quite so much – but hey, they’ve surprised us. And in the spirit of sharing more information on all important Melbourne City FC news, specifically for transfers, we’d like to get started with a breakdown of the biggest signings and departures right now.

And who knows, maybe if the club plays their cards right with the following Melbourne City FC transfers, this could result in back to back league victories? Only time will tell.

The biggest news involving Melbourne City FC transfers

To get something cleared up right off the bat, there is no absolutely enormous Melbourne City FC transfer news to talk about. When we say this, we mean that the club has not executed any million-dollar deals that have broken the headlines. But quietly, and beneath the radar, Melbourne City has been strategically bolstering the squad for certain positions, as you’ll see below.


There are two arrivals that we would like to bring to your attention right now, and we have explained the reasons for this move in detail. Both transfers have come in as a fee-free deal, and exact contract terms have not been disclosed to the public.

Mathew Leckie

melbourne city fc transfers: Mathew Leckie

While Hall, mentioned above, will bring youth and energy to the side, Leckie will bring experience and boatloads of it. He has been a top pick for the Socceroos for many years already, playing as a winger who is able to create magic out of nothing. It’s pretty cool that Leckie is coming back home too, to be perfectly honest. Now he has gone past the 30 mark in age, he is leaving the German part of his career behind to come and dominate the A-League.

Jordon Hall

Hall has previously spent several seasons at Green Gully, but now he’s coming back to the club that gave him his start in his soccer career. Jordon Hall actually trained at the Melbourne City academy in his early days, which kind of makes sense to then bring him back, as he will already be familiar with coaching styles and other important elements. He’s still young at just 23 years of age, but his role as a central defender is much needed to prevent Melbourne City from letting in easy goals – something that let them down at times last season.


Melbourne City FC has been much more active when it comes to letting players go, with four notable departures we’d like to highlight.

Craig Noone

Noone has played as a winger for Melbourne City FC for a while now, yet now he is coming towards the twilight of his career, at 33 years of age. It would seem a natural move given the arrival of Leckie too, and he has been transferred for free to Macarthur. Then again, Noone was pretty solid in the previous season's triumphs, providing many assists and scoring a number of crucial goals. Let’s see if he will do the same at his new club.

Ben Garuccio

Garuccio is another one of Melbourne City’s players that has made the move on a free transfer to another A-League side, Western United. For us, this was one of the more surprising pieces of Melbourne City FC news to emerge, since he joined in 2020 and immediately helped the team to win the league. He does play at left-back, however, and Melbourne City has quite a bit of depth in this particular position.

melbourne city fc transfers: Ben Garuccio

Adrian Luna

With the addition of two new midfielders to the roster, again, this seemed somewhat inevitable that Luna would be moving elsewhere. Rather than transferring to another A-League side, however, Luna has made the move into the Indian Super League, where he feels he can use his talents to bolster the sport of soccer in that part of the world. Mind you, he has been crowned as an A-League champion, so there isn’t much left for him to achieve in Australia – unless he wants to pursue multiple league titles.

Ramy Najjarine

Another victim of midfielders at Melbourne City FC during this transfer period is Ramy Najjarine. Having played as an attacking midfielder last season, he has decided to make the move on a free transfer to Western Sydney. Then again, Najjarine didn’t actually play for the league winning team, as he was loaned out for the duration of the season to the Newcastle Jets. So we must say, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise, although since he is still just 21 years of age, there is plenty of time for him to grow and develop as a player.