Ladbrokes Melbourne Cup 2022
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Ladbrokes Melbourne Cup 2022

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Ladbrokes Melbourne Cup: Get the Inside Scoop on the Odds, Tips, and Specials!

The Melbourne Cup is just days away, and excitement is growing in anticipation of the upcoming race! Much of the speculation surrounding 2022's Melbourne Cup has been occurring post-finish of this year's race; most horse- and athlete-selecting is going to take place at this moment, not pre-flood. Nevertheless, it's estimated that over $200 million will be wagered on the Melbourne Cup in 2022. And some of you will likely choose Ladbrokes Melbourne Cup betting markets, as the bookie is a long-established fixture in Australia.

Latest Ladbrokes Melbourne Cup odds

*correct at time of writing; please refer to the bookie for latest info

  • Deauville Legend: 4.00 Win, 1.75 Place
  • Without A Fight: 9.00 Win, 3.00 Place
  • Gold Trip: 13.00 Win, 4.00 Place
  • Hoo Ya Mal: 13.00 Win, 4.00 Place
  • Montefilla: 13.00 Win, 4.00 Place
  • Duais: 15.00 Win, 4.50 Place
  • Young Werther: 15.00 Win, 4.50 Place
  • Realm of Flowers: 19.00 Win, 5.50 Place
  • Vow and Declare: 19.00 Win, 5.50 Place
  • Knights Order: 21.00 Win, 6.00 Place
  • Emissary 23.00 Win, 6.50 Place
  • Lunar Flare 23.00 Win, 6.50 Place
  • Alegron 31.00 Win, 8.50 Place
  • Camorra 31.00 Win, 8.50 Place
  • Smokin Romans 31.00 Win, 8.50 Place
  • Stockman 41.00 Win, 11.00 Place
  • Grand Promenade 51.00 Win, 14.00 Place
  • Point Nepean 51.00 Win, 14.00 Place
  • Interpretation 61.00 Win, 16.00 Place
  • Numerian 61.00 Win, 16.00 Place
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Steps to Bet On the Melbourne Cup With Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes Melbourne Cup 2022

With Ladbrokes, placing a wager on the Melbourne Cup couldn't be easier. Below are a few simple steps to participate in this occasion

  1. Create an account, using the Ladbrokes code if you wish.
  2. Add funds to your new account.
  3. Find the Melbourne Cup markets in the horse racing section.
  4. Bet on the horse of your choice.
  5. Check your bets to ensure everything is correct.
  6. Make changes if necessary.
  7. Make your bet and confirm it.

Melbourne Cup Bet Types

It's natural to get better odds when betting ante-post since a lot can happen between now and the start of the race. Many experienced bettors place their bets on the Melbourne Cup well in advance.

Ladbrokes has some of the most favourable odds regarding the Melbourne Cup, thanks to the many Australians they already cater to. There are plenty of Melbourne Cup betting options available for any punter placing a bet on the big day.

Bet TypeDescription
Win BetA winning Melbourne Cup horse bet is the simplest betting option. Put your money on the horse you think will win the Melbourne Cup.
Place BetIf you're willing to accept lower winnings, go with a top three horse rather than a horse to win.
Each-Way BetYou should put an equal amount on the winning horse and on the place where he'll come in the standings, equal to two bets.
Quinella BetWhether your choice of horse finishes first or second in either order is up to you. You can also include several selections for a better chance of winning. You could select one horse to finish first and three others that you think may finish second or third
Exacta BetLike the quinella, it involves choosing a horse for first place and a second choice for second place. Still, an exacta is more specific as it also asks for a choice for a finishing order of one and two. Much like the quinella, a single selection can include more than one horse and may come first, second or third.
First FourThe first four involve picking the horses that finish first, second, third, and fourth in the correct order. You can either pick four horses straight out or predict the order of certain horses.

What Are the Different Odds?

The horse market in a race like the Melbourne Cup is a little tricky to understand. It's important to look past who you think will win and consider what happens if your horse comes in second. If your horse doesn't have much chance of winning or placing, it may not be worth backing.

Choosing between fractional odds or decimal odds is very easy on Ladbrokes. Here, you can choose the odds format according to your preference. The website has a handy tool that lets you make this change instantly.

How to Find the Best Melbourne Cup Horse Odds

For those interested in being involved in early markets, by comparing the odds between bookmakers, you can take a step ahead of your competition by obtaining the odds and predicting when the price discrepancy can be huge.

We recommend using an odds comparison tool for the major Spring races to ensure you find the lowest possible price before placing your bet. If you shop around for the best odds, it's worth it to back a horse to reduce your loss.

How to Win with Place Bets

It's common for people to place a bet on their horse to run in the top three (place bet). However, because Melbourne Cup betting pools are so large, you can still find some decent odds. So there is a lower risk but also a lower probability.

Because of the large field size, many horses compete for relatively few places, which increases Place dividends. However, the odds reflect the difficulty of finding one of the first three.

Therefore, it is still easier to pick the winner of the Cup and is a good bet type if you want to increase your chance of winning but with a lower return.

All-In betting is usually a market that's provided before the starting field is finalized. Most horses in an All-In market for a Cup won't make the final field. Hence, the market odds being offered are very favourable.

Melbourne Cup Betting on Ladbrokes

Among Australia's beloved and most prestigious events, The Melbourne Cup is open to horses aged three years or older. It includes a three thousand two hundred-meter distance at Flemington Racecourse.

It is celebrated as the highlight of the Australian spring carnival. Melbourne Cup favourites are as follows:

Deauville Legend.

Due to Europe's top drivers returning, a strong challenger from England had to be expected. That's why James Ferguson trains Deauville Legend.

He is the most prominent foreigner out of form driver. This August, he won the prestigious Great Voltigeur Stakes superbly. He performs excellently and is from a distinguished lineage; he would appear suited for the Great Voltigeur.

Spanish Mission

Spanish Mission finished third in 2021, trained by Andrew Balding, but has since moved to Peter Moody and improved his consistency. As with Duais, Spanish Mission must also maintain his form and make it as tough as when he was beaten in the Australian Cup, but he appears to be more consistent.


In March, Edward Cummings-trained Duais, a mare in rare form, in an attempt to emulate the success of his grandad Bart. Ladbrokes' betting market for her remains very strong, but she hasn't been in anything approaching the same form.



Up-and-coming racehorse to keep an eye on, Loft, trained by Marcel Weiss in Germany, despite his bloodline and racing pattern, tends to favour soft ground surfaces, as shown in his two successes on this terrain. However, provided that conditions are favourable, he stands a very good chance.

Which Melbourne Cup Betting Markets are Available at Ladbrokes?

Every year, when the Melbourne Cup rolls around, there's always a great selection of the different horse racing markets at Ladbrokes. As a result, this is an event that receives better support than most other races taking place throughout the year.

The only type of ante-post market is the winner market, as the race doesn't occur until November. However, here are a few different markets that will show up as the race gets closer

Race Winner

The most popular bet on a horse race is on who will win, not the horse with the best odds. It's pretty easy; you place a bet on the horse you think will win.


An each-way bet includes a winner bet and a place bet; one-half of your bet stakes create each type of bet. With that said, you are reducing your risk by diversifying.

The number of betting places constantly changes, so we'll have to wait and see. When we bet, a place finish can be at 1/5 odds of the winning horse.


One of the most difficult types of bets for the Melbourne Cup is a forecast/trifecta. You are trying to pick which horse will finish in the top two or three positions. In exchange, you will have good odds at success if you bet successfully on your predictions.

Ladbrokes Melbourne Cup Live Stream

Ladbrokes Melbourne Cup: Get the Inside Scoop on the Odds, Tips, and Specials!

Unlike many other Melbourne Cup betting sites, Ladbrokes allows you to watch the event as a live stream. This way, you can enjoy the game even if you can't tune in on TV.

Frequently Asked Questions on Melbourne Cup

When is the Melbourne Cup?

Every year on the first Tuesday of November, the world stops and sets its eyes on Australia as The Melbourne Cup—known colloquially as the race that stops the nation—takes place at Flemington Racecourse. On this day, every Australian feels like they have a horse in the race, and every bettor feels like they have an inside scoop on the odds to win.

Where can I watch Melbourne Cup live?

See The Melbourne Cup Carnival LIVE on 10 and 10 play this spring. With such good weather and one of the leading sporting events in the world this year, everyone can experience the dazzling 2022 Melbourne Cup Carnival.

How are the Event's Favourites Determined?

It is normal for the horse that is a favourite for the Melbourne Cup to have a good track record in recent races. Usually, a horse is tagged as favourite when it wins multiple major races. There is also the factor of course form. The odds will shorten if many people back the same horse.

Should I Bet on the Favourites or the Outsiders?

The pre-race market favourite or a horse further down the standings might be a horse you think will win. Do some research and determine which is your best bet.

Wrapping Up

The 2022 Melbourne Cup will be one of Australia's biggest horse races. The grand final of the racing season—the spring racing carnival—has drawn huge crowds since 1879. This year is no different.

For those who live in a country that doesn’t offer horse racing as a sport or aren’t particularly interested in watching horses run around a track for several hours, the first Tuesday of November is not such an exciting day.

But for all of you horse-racing fans out there, don’t worry—you can still get your fill of excitement! Just tune into Network Ten and 10Play and watch it live or mobile device.

So get your horse to bet down with Ladbrokes today! If you want to watch it live, don't hesitate to visit our site and register for a free account.