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Hawthorn vs West Coast top free betting tips

This game is scheduled to take place in just a few days time, and it’s a tale of two stories really. One team is battling to climb away from the wrong end of the table, and one team is looking to push forward into the top five. It’s definitely going to be a fun one, which is why we’ve crafted some Hawthorn vs West Coast predictions ahead of the game:

The odds shown above will almost certainly change before the game on May 9th, so do check out the most recent Hawthorn vs West Coast odds at the mentioned bookmakers when you can.

Hawthorn vs West Coast Eagles – May 9th – Game Preview

As things currently stand, it may seem a forgone conclusion that the West Coast Eagles will easily stride to victory against Hawthorn. They are in 8th place in the AFL table, whereas Hawthorn is in 16th – not a place that any team wants to be after the opening games! But with that said, although it is highly likely that West Coast will get the win here, not all of the statistics are on their side. For starters, they have yet to win an away game this season, making them one of only three teams to which this statistic applies. On the flip side, Hawthorn has managed to win just 1 home game all season.

Looking at this alone, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the game might actually be pretty close. But then when you look deeper into the player rosters, it’s obvious that West Coast has a clear advantage. Guys like Jack Darling and Oscar Allen are particular standouts here, and they will no doubt cause mayhem with the Hawthorn defence this Sunday. And to add to this, West Coast may not have gained an away victory this season, but they haven’t played a team as weak as Hawthorn either – which makes us believe that the 2021 curse could be broken in this game.

So armed with this knowledge, while West Coast should get the win, Hawthorn could cause a few issues which would help to avoid a complete blowout – hence the Hawthorn vs West Coast predictions we’ve provided. Whichever market or team you are shooting for, just make sure you tune in to catch all of the action.

Hawthorn vs West Coast Predictions

The predictions we’ve created ahead of this game have come from a close inspection of the team statistics, current form, individual stars, and so much more. But while you can see the end result of this research through the predictions above, we figured it’s appropriate to also share why we’ve created these predictions in the first place. The other AFL match taking place on the same day is Brisbane vs Fremantle.

West Coast Eagles to win

Looking at the form, the team players, and the overall capabilities of the West Coast Eagles compared with Hawthorn, we feel there is no other outcome on the cards apart from this one. Sure, West Coast hasn’t yet won a game on the road, but it’s important to keep in mind that Hawthorn is one of the weaker teams in the AFL, and West Coast has more than enough firepower to take them down.

Hawthorn Handicap +15.5

This is an interesting one, as while we believe that West Coast will snag a win, we also believe that Hawthorn will give them a very good run for their money. Looking at the previous form, they’ve lost by narrow margins to teams like Geelong and Fremantle, teams that aren’t too different from West Coast in terms of their standard. This shows that Hawthorn has been able to push good teams to their limits, and the game won’t be a walk in the park for West Coast on Sunday. This is why we feel that a +15.5 handicap is a good shout.

Double result (West Coast/West Coast)

Historically, West Coast is a team that starts quickly out of the blocks. This is why we feel that they are more than capable of winning the first half, and then winning the second half – and obviously, the game too. With odds floating above the 1.70 mark at most bookmakers for this market, it’s clear that the potential returns are better than the 1.40 average for the moneyline market. Sure, it’s riskier, but West Coast does have a good enough team to outperform Hawthorn in both halves.

Hawthorn vs West Coast Eagles FAQs

Can I make these bets from my mobile?

Yes. You can make these wagers from your mobile through a native app, usually available for Android and iOS, or through a mobile browser. The odds and markets will be exactly the same too.

What methods can I use to deposit funds and then bet on this game?

You can usually fund your account through all kinds of different methods, such as bank transfers, debit cards, prepaid cards, and others. The standard bet minimum tends to be around $5 at most bookmakers too, so you don’t have to deposit much to get started.

Until when can I make these wagers?

Well, all of the pre-match markets for this game will be available right up until the game gets underway. With that said, the odds will naturally fluctuate somewhat during the run-up to the match.

Are these Hawthorn vs West Coast predictions sure to come through?

No, but then again, no betting predictions are certain to come through. We can only make our predictions based on facts and statistics.

How can I assess the competitiveness of the odds between bookmakers?

To see if you’re getting good odds for your money, you can easily check the odds for that exact market at some of the other leading bookmakers in Australia.

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