Former EPL Star Daniel Sturridge signs for Perth Glory FC

Sturridge has previously been one of the biggest names in English football. He has played at the very highest level, representing clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea. This in itself is impressive, but he has also scored goals at both the Euro Championships and the World Cup for England – not bad, right? Now that he is approaching the twilight of his career, Daniel Sturridge has been swayed by Robbie Fowler to join Perth Glory, and the transfer has already been completed.

Daniel Sturridge to Perth Glory – a quick breakdown

According to news reports between the two, Fowler has expressed how competitive the A League is these days, and that a move here could extend the career of Sturridge. Obviously, it seems that Sturridge has taken this on board since he’s made the move already to his current club. But for those that are unfamiliar with Sturridge and what he can do for the team, we’d like to share some insight.

Ways he will impact the team

Whenever you get a guy like Daniel Sturridge joining a team, you are going to benefit in many key areas. He has been a prolific player in his time, and while yes, his glory days might be behind him (no pun intended), he still has plenty to give. This transfer is still pretty fresh, so we are yet to have evidence of what he can do for the side, but here’s what we expect:


Sturridge is a fairly rapid guy on the field, everyone knows that from his days in the Premier League, and on the international field, of course. While he plays as a striker, and therefore he is expected to hang around at the top of the field, he is far from shy about getting involved in the midfield areas. When he does this, he is more than capable of charging down the wings and creating quick one-two passes to get in behind the defence.

Since he is particularly skilled with the ball, he can easily dart past opponents through his agility alone – something that Perth Glory definitely needs right now.

Daniel Sturridge signs for Perth Glory FC


Naturally, when you bring a striker in as a transfer, the reason for bringing them in is to score goals. This was big news for the team last season, where they struggled to score important goals when it counted most. Once Sturridge finds his feet at the club, we have a feeling that the A league will be surprised at how well he can still strike the ball. He is very capable of finding the net with both feet, and even if he is taking a shot outside of the box, it’s still a lot to deal with for the goalkeeper.

With that said, Daniel Sturridge has always been more effective when he gets in close to the goal, and this is where he will be extremely dangerous for Perth Glory.

Team morale

Remember – a player’s benefit to a club doesn’t always have to be physical! In fact, when a legend like Sturridge joins the ranks, an immediate boost on morale is usually something that we expect. Again, since he is now in his 30s, he can bring a boatload of experience to the side, and pass down his wisdom to some of the younger players in the ranks. This can be through conversations in the dressing room, practice intensity, confidence during games, and so much more.

It’s not like Perth Glory doesn’t have experienced players, but when you’ve got guys coming in that have represented their country on the biggest stages in the world, this comes with a certain level of pedigree.


Last but not least, Daniel Sturridge is an immensely experienced player. Not only has he played for some of the largest clubs in the world, but he has also played for some of the best managers in the world too. He’s also been able to practice with players that are absolute legends of the game, so we are sure that he picked up a few tips and tricks over the years. The guy knows the game of football inside and out, and this experience could prove pivotal for Perth Glory in this season and beyond. Stay updated about the latest Perth Glory transfer rumours and news.