Brisbane vs Fremantle Betting Tips & Odds (09/05/2021) – AFL 2021

This Sunday, May 9th, you’ve got two top AFL teams facing off, but who do you wager on? Well, just read through our Brisbane vs Fremantle betting tips to find out.

Brisbane vs Fremantle top free betting tips

In a battle of 7th vs 9th this Sunday, we can’t wait to see Brisbane vs Fremantle face off to see who will take home bragging rights. But what will be the outcome? Well, it’s a tricky one, which is why we’ve produced our own Brisbane vs Fremantle predictions right here to help you out:

As you can see, there are some decent odds out there for our selected markets. But while these Brisbane vs Fremantle odds are accurate right now, depending on when you place your bet, you may get slightly different ones.

Brisbane vs Fremantle – May 9th – Game Preview

If you look at the current AFL table, it’s clear that both teams have shot out of the blocks quickly in their first 7 games. As it stands, Brisbane is in 7th place, and Fremantle is in 9th, which would suggest that there isn’t much between them. But when you dive deeper into it and look beyond the table standings, there’s a slightly different story that emerges. Sure, they are only two sports apart in standings, but the results they’ve each had this season are very different. Brisbane has taken down 3 teams so far, and in their last game, they absolutely destroyed Port Adelaide, outscoring them by more than 2 to 1. Bear in mind that this is a team that is currently in the third position!

Then when you look at Fremantle, sure, they’ve picked up some nice wins – but none of them has come against formidable opposition. This is largely why the two teams are in a similar spot in the league, as they’ve played opponents of very different strengths. This in itself leads us to one of our predictions that Brisbane will likely win the game. But things also look good for Brisbane in the more recent head to heads. The last 4 meetings have resulted in 3 Brisbane wins, with 2 of them being absolute blowouts. Then again, this game is scheduled to be played in Fremantle, meaning that the home fans will be behind their team, and this will naturally make it a more uncomfortable environment for Brisbane.

This is another huge factor behind our prediction that the game might be won by a closer margin than many pundits think! Either way, Brisbane vs Fremantle should be a very exciting match, and whichever team you support, there is still plenty of value to be found in the betting markets. The other AFL match taking place on the same day is Hawthorn vs West Coast Eagles.

Brisbane vs Fremantle Predictions

While none of the predictions we’ve put together is guaranteed to come through, they haven’t just been randomly selected. We’ve looked at the more probable results according to various facts and figures, and we’ve explained them in more detail below.

  • Brisbane to win – 1.25
  • Winning margin (1-20), Brisbane – 4.25
  • To score first, Brisbane – 1.70

Brisbane to win

Brisbane is definitely the overwhelming favourite for the game, even if they are playing away from home. They have a stronger line-up than Fremantle, more capable goal scorers, and the recent head to heads against this team will fill them with confidence. The only bad thing really for this market is that the odds are not huge at 1.25.

Winning margin (1-20) for Brisbane

If you don’t particularly want to take on the moneyline market for a Brisbane win, perhaps this one will suit your ambitions? While yes, it’s riskier to try and guess what the winning margin will be, this 20 point window gives a decent bit of a breathing room – and at 4.25 odds, it’s hard to turn down. And if Fremantle can get under the skin of Brisbane early in the game, this market would then look all the more likely to come through.

Brisbane to score first

If you like a risky play, this one is perfect. Looking at the first few games that Brisbane have played this season, they’ve been pretty quick starters. So, it’s not out of the equation whatsoever for them to go ahead and score first – in fact, it’s quite likely. At the time of writing, Brisbane’s main goal scorers are expected to start the game too, which will no doubt play a huge factor for this market too.

Brisbane vs Fremantle FAQs

Am I allowed to bet on this game by law?

As long as you are an Australian resident and over the age of 18, you are fully allowed to place a wager on the Brisbane vs Fremantle game.

Do different bookmakers offer different markets for this game?

Yes, but that’s all part of the fun! If you have an account with several bookmakers, you can explore a pretty large variety of betting markets for this particular game. These markets go far beyond the standard moneyline, handicaps, and goal-scoring options too, so don’t feel obliged to shoot for the basic markets.

What is the minimum bet accepted at online bookmakers for this one?

At the vast majority of online betting sites, the minimum wager you can place on a game is $1, although this can be slightly different depending on the site that you choose.

Will bookmakers definitely payout if I make a winning bet?

Yes. They have to pay out in accordance with Australian gambling laws, and the best part is that you won’t have to wait too long to get your payout. Most of the time, your winnings will be added to your account in a matter of seconds.

Are all of the mentioned bookmakers here fully legal?

Yes, and if you’d like to verify this information for yourself, you can easily check out the gambling licence number listed on the homepage of each site.

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