Betting on the Football World Cup 2022 Qatar

As many of you will be aware, the biggest tournament in football is right around the corner. Of course, we are referencing the World Cup. And if you are interested in betting on the football for this event, we are pleased to say that you've come to the right place. This event will be all the more interesting considering that the Socceroos have qualified for a fifth consecutive World Cup tournament. They haven't been given the easiest group in the competition, but qualification for the knockout stages is by no means impossible.

Betting on the football – World Cup 2022

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Putting aside the performances of the Socceroos now, we have promised to talk about how you can bet on the World Cup 2022 in Australia. But first things first, you have to be eligible to perform online bets before this information will be useful to you. On that note, we would like to remind you that you must be an Australian resident and be over the age of 18 to make any bets on football for the World Cup.

Assuming you satisfy these requirements, we've got some intriguing information to share with you surrounding this topic.

Key stages for betting on the football in Qatar

A total of 32 teams have qualified for the World Cup in Qatar. Because of this, there are a total of 8 groups consisting of 4 teams each. The actual event itself is due to kick off on November 20th, and this is when the first games will be played from Group A. As it happens, the group stages are where the bulk of the games will be played for the World Cup. So if betting on football is something you are eager to do, this is the best time to do so in terms of the volume of games.

With that said, the World Cup is split into the group stages and knockout stages, and we would like to provide some specifics on both of these right now.

Group stage betting

The group stages will officially begin on November 20th, as stated previously. This is when Group A gets the competition underway. And as per tradition, the host nation of Qatar will also play on this day. But this is just the beginning of the group stages. The conclusion of the group stages will only come to fruition on December 2nd, which means that there is plenty of football going on for this period of time. Specifically, this period will see a total of 48 matches getting played, which is quite something.

Let us also provide some specifics for betting on the football with regard to the Socceroos. The Aussies will kick things off on November 22nd against France. And after that, they are scheduled to play Tunisia on the 26th, followed by Denmark on the 30th.

Betting on the knockout games

Once all of the group stage matches have been played, this is when we will know which teams have made it to the knockout stages. Only 16 teams will progress through to the knockouts. And that's because the top 2 teams from each of the 8 groups will make it through. For the rest of the teams, the 2022 World Cup will be over. However, this is where the action starts to really get interesting. And the first knockout games are set to be played on December 3rd – just one day after the group stages are finished.

Due to the format, this means that the first round of the knockout stages is the round of 16. Of course, teams that win will then progress to the quarter-finals, followed by the semi-finals, and ultimately there will be a World Cup final contested between two teams on December 18th.

Betting on the football for FIFA World Cup – prime markets

We have now discussed the various formats and matches that will materialize in the World Cup this year. However, what we haven't discussed yet is what particular markets you can actually bet on. For that reason, let us reveal a few more details surrounding the more popular betting options.

dutch national team fifa 22

Tournament outrights

The first market that all online sportsbooks seem to have available is linked to tournament outright betting. As the name suggests, this is where you can bet on which team will actually win the entire tournament. Some of the key favourites at the moment include Brazil, France, England, and Spain.

Individual match winners

While the initial market mentioned above should keep you interested for the entire tournament, some people don't have the patience for a bet to take that long to settle. So instead, we would like to point out that you can bet on each and every match that will be played in Qatar. For each of the games played, you can bet on a draw, and you can also pick one of the two teams to win.

Game handicaps

Should you find that the odds aren't too favourable for one of the teams to win, you may wish to consider this market. Game handicaps basically level the playing field, since there will be a specified goal spread mentioned here. And you can choose between backing the favourite or the underdog, depending on the spread.

Individual goal scorers

Finally, you can always bet on the individual goal scorers for the different World Cup matches. Most sportsbooks offer markets for a player to score 1 goal, 2 or more goals, and even 3 or more goals. The more extravagant the market, the higher the odds.

Major operators in Australia bet on the football

Now that we’ve covered the prime markets, World Cup format, as well as the tournament schedule, we’ve got to put the missing piece into the puzzle. After all, none of this would do you much good if you didn’t know where to follow up. So below, we’ve identified three top betting sites open for Aussies. These can be joined today as long as you are over the age of 18 and an Australian resident.

Simply follow the links to the registration forms and get yourself set up when you get a chance. Naturally, we’ve quickly discussed why these sites are great options for betting on football too.


Starting with one of the biggest names in betting, we have bet365. These guys have been formidable for a number of years, especially for mobile betting. Bet365 has one of the best mobile apps in the game. And specifically for football, you have futures markets, boosted prices, and great odds across the board. Much like the other two providers, bet365 already has markets listed for the World Cup.

World cup quarter final fixtures


Ladbrokes is another major provider of online betting. They are commonly highly regarded for betting offerings related to horse racing. However, we can inform you that Ladbrokes is also a top bookmaker for World Cup betting too. Why? Because Ladbrokes is a master of boosted odds, they certainly don’t mess around with your available betting options. Ladbrokes goes far beyond the regular moneyline or handicap options, as reflected in the 100+ markets for World Cup group games already.


The last of these three bookmakers is Unibet – an equally vibrant and high-quality bookmaker. Unibet has been covering football ever since the brand went live in Australia. Yet the reason we’ve listed Unibet goes far beyond simply covering the World Cup tournament. These guys pack a punch with free betting tips through the blog, the ability to create your own markets with bet builders, and price boosts are a daily occurrence here.

So Unibet has to go down as one of the most valuable bookmakers open to Aussies for Qatar 2022.

FAQs for betting on the football

How much must I wager for my bet to be accepted?

The standard minimum wager that is accepted by Australian bookmakers is $1.

Can I bet on the football from my smartphone?

Absolutely. All of the top sites provide users with both desktop and mobile betting. And you can even download the respective mobile apps for a better experience.

Is it easy to withdraw winnings from my football bets?

Yes. If you are fortunate enough to place a winning wager or two, you can easily withdraw the winnings through various payment methods.

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